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WCS 2013 Schedule and Leaderboard - Updated: June 17

WCS 2013 Schedule and Leaderboard - Updated: June 17


With three ongoing regional 2013 World Championship Series competitions, a variety of broadcast dates and times, and hundreds of players earning WCS Points at events around the world, we understand that keeping up with the WCS can seem overwhelming. To help you keep everything straight, we put together a broadcast schedule and WCS point leaderboard that will be updated on a weekly basis.

WCS 2013 Global Broadcast Schedule

Below, you'll find a detailed World Championship Series broadcast schedule that you can refer back to any time you need a quick refresher on which matches will be played in the days to come. Furthermore, we're very excited to share that starting on Tuesday, April 29, the World Championship Series will offer three days a week of ‘round the clock live StarCraft II eSports action for your viewing pleasure. Tune in here at any of the dates and times listed below to catch top StarCraft II players from around the world locking horns for points, prizes, and pride.


Though we will be regularly updating the above schedule, feel free to stop by the GomTV, ESL, and MLG websites as well for broadcast dates and times even farther down the road for WCS Korea, Europe, and America, respectively.

WCS 2013 Point Leaderboard

The leaderboard below will help you keep tabs on all of the top WCS point earners throughout the year. Be sure to check in often to follow along with your favorite players as they compete to earn slots at the 2013 WCS Global Finals, to be held at BlizzCon this November.


For a comprehensive look at all the players who have earned WCS points this year, check out the awesome Liquipedia WCS Standings page put together by our friends at If you’d like more information on the format, prizing, or point structure for this year's World Championship Series, you can find all the details here.

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