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New StarCraft Short Story: In the Dark

New StarCraft Short Story: In the Dark

We just deployed the latest StarCraft short story, written by Hugo and Nebula award winning science fiction author (and creator of Star Trek’s troublesome tribbles) David Gerrold.

All Jake wants is a fresh start as far away as possible from civilization. When he discovers an Eden-like planet tucked away in a remote, unchartered star system, Jake gets ready to carve out his own private little slice of heaven . . . never suspecting that his supposedly “perfect” planet holds a dark and terrifying secret.

Check out “In The Dark” now. And in case you were wondering: yes, the artwork for this and previous short stories is available as a downloadable wallpaper image in various screen resolutions. Read the stories below and click the "Download Wallpaper" link on the right side of each story page to choose the image size that works best for your setup.

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