Name: Alliance and Horde
Type: RTS
Plantform: Starcraft II Arcade
Author: StevenLuo

Core Feature: Back to WOW from sky.

Announce Video: A Game of Ten Years

In game Video:

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------------------------------- History -------------------------------

Ten years ago, when I was in university, WOW would came to alpha and beta. I was so eager for entering the World of Warcraft, but I did not have any account. One night, in my dormitory, a strange idea came out --- Why not to create a WOW myself, just by Warcraft III Editor. After 1 month, I made a little demo.

But what a pity is, at that time I was busy with graduation, I could not dedicate more to that "Unrealistic Ideal", and it is hanged-up, for ten years.

Half years ago I finally made my mind to finish it. Fortunately Heart of Swarm Editor, Star tool came out at the same time, which really help me to realize my little dream.

Now it is finished, a RTS game with two factions: Alliance and Horde. It is not a re-make of Warcraft III, it is a complete new game. I implemented many WOW features into this RTS game,such as Tank, Healer, DPS mechanism, WOW-Raid style creeping etc. I want players feel that they replay WOW in a RTS perspective, I call that "Back to WOW from sky".

Ten years, from 22 to 32, from WOW Beta to WOW 5.4, many things changed, but the love of Warcraft, forever.

Thanks to Blizzard again for all thoese games and tools.

To all, GL & HF