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I used to create custom maps in bw, but i dont have much time these days.

Can someone knowledgeable tell me the following:
1. Can you create a map that somehow remembers state so you could say run a best of 8 or 16 single elimination tournament or create your own league across games/sessions and have the results tabulated or remembered somehow?
2. Can you create a short cut that starts a custom map like that, launching the players directly into the game without having to dig through 10 layers of menus?
3. Can you launch a browser or other programs from within the game?
4. Is it against the EULA to sell real or virtual items in game?
5. Can you persist what people have done across games? Say earn a reward, and have it in the next game.
6. Can you see what units or technology the user bought or selected in the WOL or HOTS campaigns, and have those available in a custom game? Can you do something similiar between games?
7. Can you show a ranking of other people who have played your game (# times played, #wins, etc?)
8. If you customize the tech tree, units, etc, can you easily copy that to another map so as to create a map pool (say of the current blizzard maps)?
9. Can you create your own achievements?
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Wow, not a single reply? Is that a no to everything?
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This particular forum is viewed by almost nobody. Try the "Miscellaneous" forum, and you might have better luck.
I'll give these questions a shot, but my knowledge is limited:
1. It is certainly possible to create your own league with ratings, win/loss ratios, and even seasons, if you have a good understanding of how to use banks. I don't, personally, but somewhere on are various links for such (along with all kinds of other questions you might have; it's a very good site).
2. I'm not sure what you mean. If you're talking about something to launch from the desktop directly into that map on the Arcade without logging in, going through those menus, etc., then the answer is no.
3. There is an option to attach a web link to your map's information page, presumably directing someone to an official website. Apart from that? I don't believe so.
4. I haven't scoured the EULA, but I am pretty close to certain that that is a severe offense if you are dealing with real money.
5. This involves banks, which are intended specifically for that purpose. Again, look on to find out how to use that, as I have never personally had a need for them in my maps.
6. I don't believe that you can read it from a player's campaign progress, unless the player enters the information in manually when the game starts.
As for storing information in one map and accessing it while playing another map, both published by the same author? I think this is possible, but I can't offer any guarantees.
7. This sounds like you're asking your first question again.
8. You can save the changes in a custom dependency (a mod), which is a separate type of file created through the map editor. You can't use an existing map file for this by default, but there are ways (probably messy ones, I fear) to convert a map file to a mod file. Once you have the mod file, simply publish it and add it to any map as a dependency alongside the Blizzard ones.
9. You can, with the use of banks, but they won't be recognized as official achievements that appear in a player's SC2 profile and award points.
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Thank you very much.

Re:2 I recognize you need to log in, i was hoping you would be prompted for that and fhen dropped int a custom game, all pre-configured, or join an existing one.
Re:6. Entering the information manually, can you ask for a code (bitmask really) or have the players each pick some radio buttons or other controls before the game proper starts?
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