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[TUTORIAL] Making Melee Maps

sounds good!
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Bump, bringing back this dead thread for those map makers who like making melee maps.
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Bump... felt this should be resurrected. It's an old guide but a lot of it is still basic.
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Sorry but bump
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Amazing tutorial!
I'm trying myself on a melee map, using this tutorial as reference.
And also some of the Blizzard WoL melee maps (because I cannot find a Heart of the Swarm melee map pack, anyone got a link?).

I got some questions / could need some tips:
1) Do you need to follow certain guidelines to make the map available at all or is this just make the map better and have more people play it?

2) 8 normal and 7 rich mineral fields is the minimum, but is there a maximum?
Now I don't want to put 20 mineral fields in one place but what about 9 rich ones for example?
Likewise, is there any problem with 3 Vespene geysers? And do gold expos normally come with rich Vespene geysers or normal ones?

3) Where to place Xal'naga Watchtowers? And how many? Normally there seem to be 2 around the middle, giving some view of the main paths a big army would take across the map, any other good locations?

4) On a 1v1 map, how many expos are necessary? I started a map and am not sure if I got enough of them, so far 3 (including natural) +1 gold on either side, for a total of 8.

5) Is absolute horizontal symmetry that important? How about minor differences?
How about horizontal AND vertical symmetry?
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I have found on most maps that 8 minerals and 2 ves are standard. now anything past the starting point is really up to you most cases it 7 rich min and 1 or 2 rich ves. other mineral expansion spots are 7 to 8 mineral with 1 or 2 vespene.

Watchtowers mostly are for either player to use as a spotter to see where or how many army may be coming to kill them. ( or be wiped out LOL) Look at your map and in testing try to put the towers in a place where it will be useful for both players. Sometime that requires 2 towers maybe 4 depeneding on how big and how many players ur map is.

Just remember that when making a starting location people will complain if the minerals are out of pocket. by that i mean make your minerals and vespene within 3 spaces of the starting location.(Use the Show Placement Grid to do this).

I have done this and after a few comments i learned that people want uniformed starting locations and after that its a crap shoot.

Good Luck
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