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We run physical and online video tournaments through a small side business and have a problem with recording game results.

For the early stages of large tournaments, we rely on an honor system were the players record the games as a win/loss. Sometimes, both players will say they won or one player will claim the other went linkdead or was cheating.

So the issue we are trying to figure out is if there is any way to quickly and smoothly audit games and figure out who actually won by using an API system that automatically pulls a specific game history and data from the SC2 servers to figure out the actual results of a specific match.

We have thought about requiring players to take screenshots of the match results screen, recording the games, or even creating spectator bots that sit in on the games. All of these methods require more effort and time and probably won't be feasible for some of our bigger tournaments.

I have talked to blizzard support over the phone and they actually recommended we post our question on the servers so any if any savy gamers, programmers, or anyone at all has any ideas please let me know or shoot me an email at
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Have you considered using the Replay File, if you require that the Replay file gets uploaded with the result you have your proof right there.

The replay file will tell you who won without to much trouble.

Also Sent you an email with some more information :)
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As Breath mentioned, the replay file itself is a pretty easy and reliable way to do it. Since it dovetails with what a lot of us do, you could have your players upload the replays to one of several sites online, all of which should at least be able to read out the winner. I myself maintain spawningtool, but you could also try ggtracker, sc2replaystats,, and others that are not coming to mind right now.

It also would not be too difficult to write a script that your admin could run on the replay file if the players can send those in, but that might be more hassle than putting them online.
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