OK who do you want to win BLIZZCON

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Pick your number 1 and number 2 player you want to win Blizzcon. I will do a running tally. Hell BLIZZCON is so stacked pick a number 3 player too. Especially this tournament really looks like anyone can beat anyone. Even the token foreigner.

#2Harry Polter
Icheated a little hell pic k 4 if you want.
Ok here is the tally so far of everyones top 3
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I want Naniwa or Revival to win.

Unfortunately, due to non-existant scheduling I don't even know when I can tune in to cheer on my favourite player, Revival, in his attempt to pull into a tie with Naniwa!

I wish this league was run properly. Not by a bunch of nerds who, because of sheltered lives re: not playing competitive sports and being subjected to healthy competition at healthy ages, have no idea how to run a $700,000 competitive league.

Oh well, at least I know I can cheer him on between the dates of Thursday, October 31, to Sunday, November 3. LOL
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1. Taeja
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I can not say.
I can't bear that guilt again.
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After that WCS finals, Dear !!! :D
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I would like to see a protoss win even though I play zerg

But I want to see soulkey play most of all !
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I want the Green baneling plushie to go with my Purple baneling plushie....

Oh, we're talking about the pro matches?! Oops, wrong thread :D
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Dear or Taeja
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I think whoever wins between Taeja and Dear will win or come 2nd in the tournament.
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It won't happen, but I would love Jaedong to win the whole thing.
It would be perfect, all those second places... then getting 1st place Blizzcon :D
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1. MMA
2. Dear
3. Jaedong
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Innovation, bomber, polt
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Dearest or Nani
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10/29/2013 12:05 PMPosted by RaiDerRyaN
Innovation, bomber, polt
biased terran scum!

*hides fact that I posted 2 protoss*
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oh wait...

I'm a HerO fanboy, so him! ^^
If not, it would be nice for Jaedong to...you know...win a thing. So him
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