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Here are a few maps I made in my spare time, a few are symmetrical some are not.
let me know what you think!

Feel free to ask me if you have any questions, and if someone wants i can make map layouts for arcade games or what ever if you tell me what you want (if i have the free time) but the triggers/coding will be up to you. (no fee, just request my name gos in credits for map layout )

so here are a few : 3

(some of the photos are not in full render since i am on the road atm witha pos laptop)

1. Ox gods swamp

(map layout low res)
(base low res)
(open base low res)

(center HD)

(Base HD)

(old ver but shows the water effects : 3 HD )

2. Crystal Gardens light

(map layout)


(center HD)


(corner base)

(bottom base low res)

(center bottom base low res)

(center side base low res)

3. Water Treatment Space Platform Gas and min expansions are split on this map ( can of course be changed) but more fun like this i think

(map layout)

(Min expansions where clean water is turned into mineral water for drinking)

(Gas expansions where dirty water is cleaned)

(Starting location one of 4... with a view)

(one of four min only expansions )

4. Crashing at the castle

(map layout)

(two layer base)

(corner expansion)

(center castle) can your team hold it? or are is there a party already there that needs crashing :3

Lost in the mists

This map was a bit of a flop : / the AI is not smart enough to nav air units around no fly zones ~__~
but it looks sweet and would probably make for a wonderful zombie arcade map if anyone things they can pull it off, take a peek

(map layout)

(Map layout with effects HD)

(no fly zones anything two high)

(close up of effects)
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any feedback would be welcome
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Extreme EXTREME ground unit disadvantage. Any ground will DEFINITELY be positively owned by air of any kind. The only room for ground is the narrow walkways or expos.
This is a pure air map, wouldn't work for any league.

Also impossible to scout without air. There are many naturals and a huge maze in the center takes days for a worker to find his way to even one natural.

Sorry, cool map idea but will never be implemented into the game without some serious work put into it.

#Critic, not reviewer.
Edited by Fus on 11/18/2013 6:59 PM PST
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yeah the maze one is up for grabs if anyone wants it for arcade

you think the swamp or castle one will do ?
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