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What does changing difficulty do exactly?

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What's the specific difference between normal and hard (or brutal) in the Campaign?

Is the AI just smarter, or do enemy units get more health, hit harder, etc?
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Well, the difference between normal and hard on the zero hour mission i noticed the zerg units had 1 armor researched by default.
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Ahh ok, so I guess the AI just builds more or does more intelligent things... just wanted to make sure it wasn't something as artificial as "Zerg units do 50% more damage on Brutal" or something.... if it's just the AI acting smarter and researching .. or starting off with upgrades, I'm ok with that.

Currently having a solid challenge on Hard too... haven't lost a mission yet, but had some close calls.
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They produce more units, etc. I guess on brutal someone mentioned they had ultralisks on zero hour.

but yeah.

Normal is too easy - i literally sweeped zero hour's map clean by the 5-7 minute mark. Hard is just right, for me.
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Zero hour is a good example.

Normal zerg attacks you every now and then with mostly zerglings almost none of which can touch 2 bunkers before dieing.

Hard mode zerg attacks more with more units uses some roaches and spreads creap tumors and spine crawlers around your base. Theres also these flying things that spawn creep tumors in your base.

Brutal theres basically a constant stream of units and a decent zerg composition to take out your wall.
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It's a pretty mixed combo.

The higher the levels, the higher the upgrades are researched. I also believe that new units are added into the mix. For example if on normal all you face is marines, on brutal you will have upgraded marines and marauders.
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