Blizz, u gotta let us change regions!


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Seriously now, I bought Starcraft to be able to play with the WORLD, not with just a lil fraction of it! Dividing the world into regions is a great thing as it lowers laggy players, etc. but you really screwed it up by not giving us the option to change from one region to another. If I got some friends in EU, some in USA and some in Latin America, I gotta buy 3 games and create 3 accounts?!?! Thats just ridiculous!
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But from the other side it sounds like you have to spend at the very least $120 and to them that sounds just about right.

EDIT: my bad, make that 180 for 3 regions of 240 for 4 regions
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Acivi$ion "GREED" Activated!
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Acivi$ion "GREED" Activated!

careful I've already had posts deleted for saying just this.
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I honestly see no other explanation for the true motives of restricting regions. The latency issues doesn't apply to everyone and it was fine for older games. So why do have to pay hundreds of dollars again and go through a mess of a hassle with multiple accounts again?
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you do realize that's a load of money... and accounts only last 6 months, after that u gotta pay again... greed indeed.
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It was NOT fine for older Bnet games, it was awful playing cross region that's why everyone stayed on the region closest to them with the lowest latency. You are just looking for something to whine about, SC1 had multiple regions and people just stayed on one.

And I find it hard to believe that you have all these friends all over the world that play Starcraft and it's ruining your life this badly. You are just trolling for attention.
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Been playing with people in europe since sc1 and it never laggs at all. What are you talking about?
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MY friend brought the game in Canada and his game was in french.
For some reason he is on Europe servers... which kinda sucks cause he can't play with us.
Will there be a fix ??
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First of all, if latency was the reason for the region lock, it would make more sense to force a player who is currently in the US to play on US servers (no matter where the game was bought). I have also read some excuse about payment methods, obviously just an excuse.

Clearly greed is the motive of this restriction.

I am a Swede who is currently living in the US, and they have effectively made it impossible for me to play with my friends in Sweden without sacrificing availability of games during the US prime time. I am deeply disappointed (and I refuse to buy several copies of the SAME game).

This just goes to show that whenever a corporation gets a measurable degree of market power, they do whatever they can to extort profit from their consumers.
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French is the second language in Canada..
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Guys don't worry. Everyone will still buy *THIS* game. It's too late for that. NEXT game however...everyone will remember the epic fail that was launch.

GG servers are down? Can't even search for a game. Pathetic.
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I'm in USA at the moment and I bought the game from here. But soon I'll go home, back to Europe. So I thought it's a simple thing to change your region in then account, but seems it's not possible. I opened a ticket 2 days ago asking Blizzard to change my region from North America to Europe but no answer yet... I hope they will be able to do it, otherwise I think I'll have to return the game to the store, get my money back and buy a European version.

PS. I also didn't receive a pet in WOW, probably because my WOW region is different then SC2 region.
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I sintalled the game thinking the regions will not be locked so I left my region on northamerica but all my online buddies are from the EU region!!!! Can the support change this? I dont want to buy a second copy of the game because of that!
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same here they are not responding

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PS. I also didn't receive a pet in WOW, probably because my WOW region is different then SC2 region.

Did you get a CE?

On the region play, blizzard has stated that they are working on allowing people to play different regions. This is in the works.
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They said it is something they will look into in the loooooooooooooooooooooooooong run. So people that want to play with friends overseas or people that accidentaly chose a wrong region will be locked in this region for at least 6 month.
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How do you accidentally choose the wrong region?

You have to confirm your choice.

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By leaving it on the region that you currently live in. I assumed that I can swap the region just as easy as in Sc1...which turned out to be false. Also my account is european and all my other games are set to european. Yet the acc chose northaermica for me because of my location atm.
And now I am stuck in a region that I dont want to play in because of a single small mistake.
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