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Autosave is so annoying!

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C'mon, I haven't seen autosaves actually interrupt anything since Windows 98.
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Agreed. It seems silly not having things like loading screens be on a separate thread so one could, for example, watch a briefing video while the map loads.

However, I think you can disable auto-saving in the options.
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Hmm... I don't see an option to disable auto-save. It would be nice to have one, though. The auto-save in the middle of a campaign battle is quite ridiculous.

My system is great and don't anticipate needing the auto-save feature (famous last words, eh?).
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The Auto-Save feature is so that you can restart certain parts of the mission with different tactics if you fail a single part. Start reading the little tool-tips before destroying the system. Empathy, it's not meant as a back up in case you crash, it's meant for what a previously described.
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It's feature is irrelevant--it interrupts gameplay.

I haven't played a game in years (ever?) that had something auto-save in the middle of a fight.
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I like the autosave. I tend to make stupid moves like being too aggressive too soon, autosave lets me go, OOPS I didn't mean it.1
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I do find the autosave a little annoying, but on my machine it only pops up for a very short moment. I notice my units stop moving, I see the square in the middle with the text, and before i even realize its the autosave message the game continues.
At least its not as bad as Settlers 7 autosaves.
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I like the autosave a lot. A 3 second pause in gameplay is nothing. It's also important, UI-wise, to make it clear when autosaves are happening. I've used the autosaves a lot since I'm playing Hard difficulty (and am a little rusty overall...)
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The autosave is a little excessive, not for how it interrupts a scenario but for the dozens and dozens of files it creates needlessly. There ought to be a way to disable autosaves in full or in part.

I'm a little surprised such an option doesn't exist.
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C'mon, I haven't seen autosaves actually interrupt anything since Windows 98.

i am not seeing any freezing when it autosaves...i assume it is your computer.

i would defrag, and make sure your chipset drivers are up to snuff.
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I dunno when my game autosaves it does not interrupt gameplay. It might hiccup for like 1 or 2 seconds.. I really don't see what the big deal is... people actually complain about a second worth of delay?

Some people just complain for the sake of complaining.
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