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Starting new campaign, can I do two at once?

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Hi there, with all the spiffy research options out there, I was wondering if starting a new campaign removed my old one, or if they'd both be there to choose from?
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I also have this question, I know there are questions/paths you can choose between and if I can make multi-saves to try as many as possible that would be awesome.
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I'm interested if we can do this as well.
Not because I want an alternate campaign, but because I bought this so that my wife and I can both enjoy it.
We don't even care about using the same character. We just want to have two separate campaigns going at the same time. I figured that we could just have different saves but I went to look for my game and my save is gone.
So what the hell? We're not buying another copy just so we can both play the same damn single player campaign!
What's the story, Blizz? Where's my save? And if you honestly thought that only allowing ONE SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN AT A TIME was a good idea... then no wonder your phone line queue is constantly full.
I want answers. NOW.

EDIT: Play as Guest. Answer to all the above questions. You can't get achievements or chat or online crap like that but at least I can play my game.

Leaving the rest of the post so people can see the overreaction and lol at it. :P
Edited by Treyton on 7/28/2010 8:38 AM PDT
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If you do manual saves and name them unique names (i.e. "Teds_last_save" and "Marys_last_save") you'll be fine.

If you just rely on the "Continue" option, I'm guessing you'll have problems.

I want answers. NOW.

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You can have up to as many saves as you want, granted you don't run out of Hard Drive space. Just load it from 'load' and not 'continue' if you want to play a different save than last time.
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Editing my previous post.

If you do manual saves and name them unique names (i.e. "Teds_last_save" and "Marys_last_save") you'll be fine.

If you just rely on the "Continue" option, I'm guessing you'll have problems

You're actually quite wrong on that. If you start a new game it deletes ALL saves from the old campaign.

Read my edited post above. :)
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Oh man.

Okay. Disregard everything I said before.

The two guys who posted after me were right. I'm just an idiot. :P

I didn't log in to my profile on the COMPUTER so the game couldn't access my save.

Sorry for being an ass, guys. :P

You were right. :)
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