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The Custom Campaign Initiative is a centralization of authors and projects that are intended to mimic the Blizzard single-player campaign format. All campaign mission designers are welcome to become a part of this group and contribute, the only request is that you must have completed a mission of your own that is at least at a beta level of completeness. (i.e. not polished and perfect, but playable with minimal or no show stoppers).

Please visit SC2Mapster for download and install instructions and more information regarding each campaign. The following is a brief description of each campaign to aid your browsing.


Subjection by Gradius
StarCraft: Subjection is a fully voice-acted 8 mission singleplayer campaign for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty that featu

Hand of Humanity by Terhonator
Banished Brood by Terhonator
Campaign with 15 missions at the moment. In "Hand of Humanity" part you play as Terran and in "Banished Brood" you continue same story line as Zerg.

Brood by Debe2233
Follows Az’Khar a Broodmother of a small Zerg Brood following the fall of the Queen of Blades. While the Dominion and rival Broodmothers battle across the face of Char, Az’Khar must plot to escape or face extinction.

Ashes of Freedom by designerdougm
A complete adaptation of the original StarCraft 1 Terran campaign "Rebel Yell" into a StarCraft 2 experience. Not a strict port, the campaign has been designed with the intent of capturing the soul and feeling of the original game, while using Wings of Liberty's campaign as a benchmark for quality level design. As such, many levels will play out in a completely different way than they did in the original. There will also be the addition of new levels, as well as modifications to tech, units and the addition of new units.

Proditor Campaign by nimbusqwe
"The year 2500 is the year that made history as the year of the zerg invasion of the planet Aiur. Meet the fate of the biggest traitor to the protoss race and see what is the price of honor and dignity."
Protoss / zerg campaign. The plot parallel to the SC Third Campaign - The Fall. At the moment: released episodes I, II, III, IV, V, VI and VII. Episode VIII (final) in plans. In all episodes is functioning the difficulty level selection mechanism, so you can choose your level of gameplay. Different types of tasks, the high computer's AI. No voices for characters, subtitles on! :) Have a nice play!

Starcraft - Mass Recall: Brood War campaigns remake, by various authors

This is a remake of Blizzard's 1998 original campaigns. It features Starcraft II UI and graphics with Brood War missions, units and dialogs. The difficulty is higher than the original.

Rebel Yell (SC1 Terran Campaign Remake) by Ultraling and Jones
Overmind (SC1 Zerg Campaign Remake) by Jones
The Fall (SC1 Protoss Campaign Remake) by christdaugherty
The Stand (BW Protoss Campaign Remake) by Telenil & Jimm3110
The Iron Fist (BW UED Campaign Remake) by Jones
Queen of Blades (BW Zerg Campaign Remake) by Telenil, Jones & Jimm3110

Bio-Tech Company by njordys
The Bio-Tech company conducts high quality, affordable research on extraterrestrial lifeforms. Our motivated team of experienced scientist have a thorough understanding of the care and breeding, and subjugation, of alien species. What could possibly go wrong?

Crimson Moon by EivindL
"Crimson Moon" is a 10-mission campaign. It features high quality terrain, an engrossing storyline with a high amount of cut scenes, many memorable characters, and a varied set of mission scenarios. Mission objectives range from the familiar (bring a limited amount of units to a special location, destroy the enemy base, survival), to the more unique (stealth, investigation, puzzle solving). The storyline has its fair share of twist and turns, so not too much will be revealed.

Amber Sun by EivindL
"Amber Sunrise" is the follow-up to the "Crimson Moon" campaign. It continues the story over the course of 10 missions. Featuring high quality terrain, recurring characters, new characters and top-of-the-shelf story-telling, the campaign will take you to many places, including dead cities, shallow water grounds, heavily guarded installations, and perhaps even locations you might remember from the previous installment. The emphasis on gameplay originality is higher than ever, with little overlap between missions. Hopefully the maps will both challenge and entertain you.

Ride the Lighting by doonken
Doonken brings to us a simple campaign that should bring plenty of nostalgia for Starcraft I. Join Tosh's bounty hunters as they take on dangerous jobs, and hopefully get paid for them.

Marauders! by acidragoon
Marauders is a lighthearted campaign featuring wi

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