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Well that might be a idea. I'll probably end up reusing one of my old characters though, if you don't mind (I'd rather not spend the time making a new one atm).
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That's actually preferred. I myself am using a variant of my first char here in the bar, from the first rendition of Darkest Heart.
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Ja. Exactly what he said. We prefer to hire experienced contractors.
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APPLICANT NAME: Cynthia Moore, aka Cynthia Ravius

EMPLOYER’S DESCRIPTION OF CHARACTER**: Cynthia Moore, aka Cynthia Ravius in the Pre-Purge universe, looks different than she did in the Pre-Purge. Her hair is like a bob hair style that goes to her shoulders that is black with white highlights streaking throughout. Her eyes are a bottle green color and her skin is a darker color seen around the Middle Eastern and Egyptian area of the world called, Earth. She is 5’ 8”, has a slender look with some curvage and a C-Cup.

Pre-Purge –
Was seen in the PKA and Reckoning series as well as Techsuit
Post-Purge –
Has not been seen in the Post-Purge created Universe but it has been rumored that she is or was a Dominion Ghost Operative after graduating from the Ghost Academy

APPLICANT QUALIFICATIONS**: Sabotage, S&D, Guerilla Tactics, PSI Index of Eight * Telekinesis - Shielding and XFactor , CQC * Martial Training and Knife Work, Can fight in close to medium to long range combat, Conditioned to outlast, can work with others

Armaments** C-10 Canister Rifle, Throwing Knives, Combat Knife with a Serrated Edge on the back, EMP Grenades, Flashbangs, and Shredder Grenades
Devices** Environmental Suit, Heat Vision with X-Ray attachment Visor attachment for Ghost Mask, Cloaking Device,
NOTE**: The single * identifies an in-depth look into that particular qualification.
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Thank you for your application. You will be notified when we have an opening.
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I have regained interest in this though I do not know if I will keep the current character or git rid of him.
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Whatever your decision is, excellent!

If you make another character, keep in mind that SC based chars and chars from previous RPs are preferred (though there is no pressure to follow those guidelines... new characters and non-SC related ones are welcome).
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Name: The Supreme and Almighty Jukalisk (or just The Jukalisk)

Description: A large Hydralisk with Speakers built into him.

Backstory: Little is known about what turned the Jukalisk from an ordinary Hydralisk to an intelligent (if arrogant as all hell) being with seemingly unexplainable powers that seem to come from his speakers. He says he has done years worth of charity work for the old and injured Zerg and that he was choosen as the next ruler of the multiverse by himself. (adding that he is a highly credible source when it comes to these things) However it is doubt able he did such things as Zerg never age and they recover from injuries really fast and come on, anyone who proclaims themself a king of the multiverse is full of !@#$. Says he wanted to join Kay Oh to "Spread his glory across every universe."
Seems to have a rivalry with Destron


Music: The Jukalisk may play from a variety of songs that seem to have sometimes reality altering powers that may harm the enemy, help him and his allies, or just make everyone really want to dance.

Be Annoying: The Jukalisk has a tendency to piss people off, even those who normally are never angered by that sort of thing. This makes their attacks wild and uncontrollable as well as them doing stupid %^-*. Works better versus people who lose their head easily.

Zerg Physiology: Being Zerg gives him all the classic traits of a Zerg including but not limited to immunity from diseases and potions and rapid regeneration.

Sonic Blast: The Jukalisk can let off a painful blast from his speakers that stuns foes

Burrow Move: See ability name for details

Weapons/Equipment: Acid Spines, Speakers, Claws, Teeth.


Name: Destron

Description: Large Hunter Killer with Bio-cannon on shoulder, has extendable tentacles from chest area that have mouthlike appendages on their tips as well as grasping claws. Tongue also very similar to tentacles.
Minion Razortooth looks like a large Terran predatory cat with a bladed tail and large claws and tongue the same as Destron's
Minion Deathwing looks like Terran bird with Mutalisk like wings and tongue similar to Destron's.

Backstory: Attended an academy known as the Pankorprulu Academy where he died saving another student. He was reincarnated by the Zerg known as Scylla who gave him a new body and tasked with gathering genetics from creatures across the sector. It is known he was a cyborg before death but his origin is both unknown and something he refuses to talk about. Said he wanted to join Kay Oh to gain more knowledge but also hinted to being on some other mission.
Seems to have a rivalry with the Jukalisk.

Eject Minions: Destron can store his minions in a specially designed chest where they can be healed and even remade if necessary.

Gather Genetics: Destron can gather the genes from other creatures using his tongue, tentacles, minions, or bug cloud allowing him to potentially make temporary mutations to himself.

Bug Cloud: Releases a small cloud of bug like creatures that can be used for a variety of purposes such as gathering intelligence, attacking an enemy, gathering genes, or administering his genetic destroyer.

Genetic Destroyer: A perfectly made substance that is fine tuned to destroy the target on a cellular level. Requires the genes of the target and time to make depending on the amount of genetic info he has gotten from the target (normal time is about 2-3 minutes making it only good for hard targets). Does ot work rapidly mutating enemies like the Zerg. Can be administered via Bug Swarm, Acid Spine, Tentacle, or Tongue.

Bio-cannon: A biological cannon able to fire deadly organic shells that could have various effects including Poison Gas, Fire, Armored Piercing (would detonate once it was through armor.), and Explosive.

Rapid Regeneration: Can regenerate health rapidly out of combat.

Zerg Physiology: Being Zerg gives him all the classic traits of a Zerg including but not limited to immunity from diseases and potions and no need to eat.

Burrow Move: See ability name

Minion Abilities:


Tail Whip: Tail can extend to great lengths

Spine Spray: Razortooth can spray Acidic Spines at his opponent from his shoulders.

Stealth: Razortooth can easily sneak up on enemies

Wall Walk: Razortooth can grip onto walls and ceilings and move as if it were solid ground


Bile Swarm: Deathwing can launch organisms that track their targets and when they impact cause an acidic explosion

Flight: Pretty Obvious

Weapons/Equipment: Acid Spines, Acid Spray, Claws, Tentacles, Tongue
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We will be happy to work with you, sirs. We shall notify you when we require your services.
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I dibs Derek being the only former employee with a group made up of him, and one, two, or all three of the new mercenaries. Always nice to leave a bad impression on the company by using a Psychopath as an introduction.
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03/27/2014 12:13 PMPosted by KnarledOne
We will be happy to work with you, sirs. We shall notify you when we require your services.

Guessing it is when the first mission is over? (Hopefully soon)
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APPLICANT NAME: Various names have been applied. Nebulous Being, Mysterious Being, ITSAFTERME, etc.

PHOTOGRAPH OF THE APPLICANT: Film and/or memory chips melted when attempted. Relevant description is a vaguely humanoid figure enveloped in swirling blue or green energies.

APPLICANT PERSONAL HISTORY: No one really knows. It is a major point of confusion that he has as a home universe an especially concrete one that it is impossible to access. It is unknown how he got out. Most think that he has since hopped from universe to universe, gaining power in each in the hopes that he wi finally gain understanding of ALL power, everywhere.

APPLICANT QUALIFICATIONS: Being that exercises supreme power over any and all energies. This control increases the longer he resides in a specific universe. For example, he enters a universe and has almost no power. The longer he stays, though, the more control he gets until he has unsurpassable power. Yes, even by you, reader. However, this can take up to a century. He quickly gains control over basic energies, such as kinetic and thermal, but takes much longer to establish in his thrall the more vague energies, such as higher psionics and chronological energy.



He will probably attend anyway, or make one for himself. This is also inexplicable, though, as he has never been observed eating or drinking.
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I'd prefer a bit more concrete data. Plus, he seems a little OP even for this thread. Narrow his abilities down a bit, please.

Otherwise, seems interesting. Glad you're interested!
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The 'gains control over time' was meant to be an OP buffer, as you mentioned once IC that we would be hitting different universes.
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Alright, he should be good. Thanks for narrowing things down.

We will notify you when your services are required, Mr. Nebulous Being, Mysterious Being, ITSAFTERME, etc.
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Sorry about not applying for this earlier, didn't have time until recently. Seeing as Destron is in this I think I'll use Miranda again, that should be interesting considering how they last parted as well as how both of them have died and come back since then.
Note: The following app is filled out mostly IC (don't know why, just felt like doing it that way) except for parts marked otherwise. Let me know if your want me to change it to a more standard format.



From: Anonymous@[132.86.754.5] 

Subject: Application




PHOTOGRAPH OF THE APPLICANT (OOC): 5'9" human female, sea grey eyes, shoulder length brown hair. Looks to be in her mid twenties or so. Although it isn't obvious to someone just taking a cursory glance, she is a bit thinner and slightly more pale than average, giving the (somewhat accurate) impression that she isn't really in good health. In her ethereal form, she has the appearance of being made entirely out of something like fog, with about 60% transparency and only a vaguely defined humanoid shape. Almost always wears a long grey-green trench coat with a hood, brown pants, a white long-sleeved shirt, and a pair of brown boots, as these were what she died/was revived in, and therefore anything else will not switch between ethereal and corporeal forms along with her.

APPLICANT PERSONAL HISTORY: I'd really rather not say too much about this, and I don't see why you would need to know considering that this is mercenary work. I can tell you the following: I worked as a hired assassin for a few years, joined an organization known as the IATM and served as a high ranking sniper and mage there for well over 100 years (for reference, I'm 212 years old now. Or at least somewhere around that...), travelled to an alternate universe, died there eventually when my ship was destroyed, was revived as a wraith by the IATM in my home universe, and then decided to leave for my own reasons, ending up in this place. I've been in this universe for five years or so, although I don't know much about it (you mentioned interdimensional operations, so hopefully this won't be too much of a problem). If more information than this is really absolutely necessary for some reason, contact me and I can see about providing a few more details.

APPLICANT QUALIFICATIONS: Served as a sniper and mage for around 137 years in total, on and off, and am fairly proficient in both areas (consistently capable of achieving 0.5" groups at 1km range under ideal conditions, and have practiced extensively in the school of Ruination magic). I am moderately skilled in the use of offensive elemental magic, in particular ice spells and to a lesser extent electrical spells. More specifically, I can create and manipulate shards of magical ice which can be guided, shaped, and used as weapons or other things. Until they melt or are removed, these shards will continually drain thermal energy from whatever they are embedded in, typically resulting in the target freezing at the point of impact and gradually losing heat in the rest of their body. The same effect can also be achieved via physical contact, although this is rarely practical in combat. 

Regarding electrical magic, I can form small electrical arcs at short range, which are slightly to moderately effective against biological targets, but can pose a threat to any unshielded machines. Although I can use fire-based abilities, I'm not going to go into detail much on these, as they are too weak to be useful in most cases. Suffice to say I can light a match or something else that's already at least kind of flammable, but not much else. I have some training in close combat, but I don't specialize in this and prefer to stay at range when possible.

As a wraith, I have the ability to shift between an ethereal and corporeal form. In ethereal form, wraiths become intangible, somewhat more difficult to see, and can pass through any solid objects as well as being able to fly at low speed through any medium. However, in this state I am entirely unable to interact with other matter physically, and can only attack with or be harmed by magic (psionic abilities would likely also be capable of harming me in my ethereal form, though I'm not certain seeing as I haven't yet told any powerful psionics to try and kill me). Laser weaponry would probably also cause some damage, although a reduced amount, as I am not completely transparent in this form. 

My corporeal form is essentially indistinguishable from that of a normal human, although I should note that due to being a wraith, I am sustained entirely by a finite pool of magic and thus any injuries I suffer in this state would presumably be permanent unless I want to slowly kill myself in order to heal wounds. Normal medical procedures won't do much in the long term, because as soon as I turn ethereal, anything that wasn't with me when I was revived will just fall through me.

As a final note here, I will also mention that I have some experience in piloting air and space vessels. Although I wouldn't consider myself an expert pilot by any means, I can fly a ship without crashing if needed.

APPLICANT PREFERRED EQUIPMENT: Just my own equipment. I carry a scoped, single shot coilgun rifle along with standard ammunition (four inch hypersonic projectile) and a few of each incendiary, explosive, and poisoned rounds (depending on mission length, I may need more ammunition made), as well as a long dagger which rapidly removes heat from anything it remains embedded in. I typically don't use actual armor of any kind, due to concerns of reduced mobility, as well as the fact that the equipment I was revived with is the only thing which will turn ethereal along with me, and thus anything else tends to be inconvenient.

Extra OOC Notes and Stuff: 
- The time this character is coming from is about 80(?) years after PKA2, based on my own version of events for the next 200 or so years following World's End in that 'verse. I might explain more on the continuity I made up if it comes up in an IC conversation or something, but for now the only relevant thing is the very brief summary in the personal history section, as well as the following bit: My faction from World's End expanded greatly in the 100 years or so between then and PKA2, and became known as the Institute for the Advancement of Technology and Magic or IATM (yes I know it's a terrible name but I used it in PKA2 and I don't want to retcon now). PKA2 happened, Miranda died after having her ship blown up by the Splitters sometime during when Reckoning was happening. She was revived in the WE 'verse by the IATM, but lots of internal political stuff happened there in the time she was gone. Because of this, the IATM broke apart and largely collapsed shortly after she returned, and Miranda essentially just gave up on the entire universe and left to go to a different one (by this point, interdimensional portals could be created intentionally as opposed to only happening by accident like how she ended up in the Academy).

- Just to be clear, this character is going to be significantly different from how she was at the time of PKA2. The IATM's fall and the perceived betrayal of trust there have resulted in her paranoia reaching almost crippling levels, and she may or may not be going very slightly insane. She tossed herself out of a ship and spent quite literally several years just floating in space in ethereal form after escaping the WE 'verse, as well as having allowed her health to degrade quite a bit before both remembering that the damage would be permanent and managing to care enough to stop. Her application to Kay-Oh! Inc. was more out of boredom than anything else, as she's done virtually nothing for years now. Also, she's very cynical.

- Any injuries suffered in corporeal form are pretty much permanent except maybe in a desperate situation where it's worth severely weakening herself forever to heal a wound. Not sure how clear I was on this point, but the problem is that her human form is essentially made of the same magical energy as her ethereal form, except transmuted into physical matter. Since she can't absorb any kind of normal energy, even just healing at the rate of a normal person would eventually kill her since she has no way of regaining the lost energy short of something like sucking someone's soul from their body (which might actually be viable, except that she doesn't know how to do that). Damage to her ethereal form is also permanent, but the energy loss is spread out evenly, basically just making her weaker overall, and causing exhaustion in corporeal form.


I'm going to be so UP in this compared to everyone else... But whatever.
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Your application has been reviewed and accepted, Ms. Frost. You will be notified when your services are required.
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Any type of character . . .
Could I use my balrog character from a different forum?
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A balrog? I suppose.

Although I would prefer to avoid employing obviously evil individuals.
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