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01/20/2014 10:23 AMPosted by KnarledOne
"I assume you see where I'm going with this."

"Correct me if I am wrong. Are you saying this person can open portals? Then it's a matter of getting him inside the vault where upon he opens a portal for the goods to be transported? Assuming a portal is opened, that's five thousand tons of your cargo to be transported meaning roughly 1,000,000 pounds of goods need to be delivered in a short time frame."

Yzzrya leans back. "I think you will need to elaborate more."
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Chuckling, Seraphim shakes his head;
"You two really know how to dig up trouble, don't you?"
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"Just tell him what I told you. You see, I have a nasty habit of letting more details slip than I mean to. I figure if I have you brief him, you can't possibly let slip anything I haven't already told you. In fact, do your best not to tell him a great deal. The less I tell the contractors, the better things tend to go, I've noticed."

"Anyways, I'm not expecting a full, epic briefing. I'm mainly sending you in there to wait around while I see to something else really quick. I believe my brother will be completing your briefing, so the two of you can just chat until he gets there."
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01/20/2014 03:01 PMPosted by Animus
"I think you will need to elaborate more."

"OK, that's true. We have devices (given to all our employees who go into dangerous dimensions) that enable us to open a portal near the device. We could just send one of those with you, then open the portal, grab the goods and run... except for the fact that 'the goods' are simply so weighty. That's why we need Noct. If we target our portal device inside him, his unique structure will react with it, creating a mass vortex that will draw in everything around him and teleport it out of the world. That's where you come in. Obviously we don't want to steal the whole facility, just the Fictionite. Ensuring we only get what we want is easy; we attach a small mass regulator device to Noct. The problem is, he would probably object to the idea of being momentarily turned into a mass vortex. There is, after all, a slight, slight chance he'll be Deleted. Of course, he'll immediately know if we secretly attach the regulator to him, which means it has to be installed at the last possible moment. That's where you come in."
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"I suppose I can do that. My only real concern is whether or not he'll be like me and object to committing suicide."
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"As I explained, that only happens if you violate the contract. Now, that way, please."

The receptionist looks up.

"Noctalus Dare, take the second door on the left, please. Seraphim Dante, take the first door on the left, please."
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Yzzrya leans forward and makes a hissing sound that sounds suspiciously like laughter.

"So when we are inside the vault with the goods, I'll stick this device you speak of onto this 'Noct' fellow and watch him do his work. I take it he will also be my escape?"
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"Exactly. Once you attach the device, we'll trigger the reaction. It should draw in every ounce of Fictionite in the facility, then leave a portal in its wake. The portal will only be open for thirty seconds or so, though, so get through fast. And preferably make sure the other mercs get through too, we encounter fewer lawsuits that way. Obviously none of the others are to know of this."
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"Of course," replies Yzzrya, "Is there anything else about this vault that I need to know about?"
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"Well, it's fortified beyond belief. Here, take a look at this..."

A 3D map pops up. It displays a large, heavily fortified facility. Most of the facility is underground. Numerous guard patrols are outlined along the structure's perimeter and on its exterior. Large cannons, probably designed for use against orbital targets, are mounted on and around the building. A thick wall, shielded and topped with razor wire, surrounds the area, and has only a single gate, which is guarded by dozens of soldiers. The main building itself has three doors, one facing north, one facing the gate in the west, and one facing south. Each is well guarded. There are no windows, and not even any ventilation apertures. The holo zooms in, showing a large, oval opening near the top of the building. There are a few guards stationed around it.

"Now, most of the actual infiltration planning is handled by my brother, as that's not really my sort of thing. However, he texted me and said the man he's interviewing has an interesting infiltration plan. I'd like you to discuss it with him."
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Getting to his feet with a grunt, Seraphim heads to the first door on the left and knocks.
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The door slides open smoothly. Inside is a table made of some sleek, dark substance. An armed man sits at one end, and a mechanical Roach at the other.

"Ah, good. Good. If you'll excuse us, Mr. Cronus, I need to interview Mr. Dante here."
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Politely nodding to the other merc, Seraphim slips into another open chair and turns to face the mechanical Roach;
"So, what exactly am I here to do?"
He asks smoothly.
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"Very well." Returning the nod to the mercenary who'd just walked in, I step through the door that KnarledOne had indicated and stand at the end of the table furthest from the door, initiating my armor's helmet so as to keep my face from being seen from too many people that didn't need to see it. Noctalus Dare...interesting name, that one...
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I sit my !@# down, "Well, guess I'm alone now," although now remembering the door that attacked me I look towards it, a gear in my head starting to grind against my brain and skull, trying to cause brain damage and escape my head. I didn't need that section anyways, it was only my sense of smell! Casually I begin to speak. "So, door... Do you talk as well as martial arts?"
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Yzzrya stands up and observes the 3D map.

"According to this map and the data represented here, they vent toxic, superheated exhaust out through the roof. It is the only ventilation in the entire facility. Collapsing this ventilation shaft and flooding the lower levels with whatever toxic spew that's being pumped out could do wonders. It would also raise the temperature of the facility to extreme levels. I wonder if there'll be a meltdown of some sort? Hmm..."

Yzzrya looks back at GnarledOne. "This device you speak of, am I the only one to get it?"
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"You are here because we've had some problems with a very dangerous organization. This organization is one of the coldest, most ruthlessly efficient you'll ever meet. They have absolutely no trust for outsiders, and in fact even less trust for insiders. They deal with plants who attempt to infiltrate their ranks every day, and they do so with impeccable perfection. And we want you to infiltrate their ranks."

A hologram pops up, displaying a symbol. A long flamberge runs up the center, surrounded by letters in some bizarre foreign language. To the left of the blade is a flame. To the right is a large, golden marking that you guess, by appearance, to be a currency mark.

"This is the emblem of the Mercenaries' Guild, a force that controls the majority of skilled hirelings in their universe. We've been having some trouble with them, trouble I blame entirely on my brother. They've been messing with our property in their dimension, and even threatened one of my employees. What they seem to be forgetting is that they're a one-dimensional guild, messing with a multidimensional megacorporation. They need to be reminded of that fact."
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Seraphim arches an eyebrow;
"Normally I'd vouch for the underdog, but the multiverse has taught me otherwise. So I'll ask again, what am I hear for?"
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"That sounds pretty amazing to be, to be honest. However, as I said, that's not my area of expertise. And, typical of him, my brother neglected to actually give me any details on Mr... Cronus' plan. That's why I'm saying, if you want the job, great. You seem like the right person for this. I kind of assumed you'd be the best for the secret bit, since you seem pretty cold. No offense. I'm usually pretty cold too. The cold people are the ones that make all the money."

A slot on the table opens and deposits a small, rectangular device with three short spikes on one end.

"Yes, you will be the only one to get the device. I've examined your credentials, and I think you're the one I can count on to do it right. It's simple to use: just activate it with the slide password I will give you, then touch the prongs to the target. The rest takes care of itself, except for the part I take care of. Here's the password..."

He picks up the device and swipes a finger along the pad, drawing a K.

"Got it?"
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"You and one other operative will be enlisting with..."

He facepalms.

"I did it again. Sorry, would you please sign this really quick before I go on?"


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