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Protoss Common Mistakes

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When I play I do some recurrent mistakes that if I fix it i think i will perform a lot better on ladder.

Here is some of my mistakes.

-Don't close my choke with zealots when i go to attack zerg (to denny speedling harrass).
-A-move my HTs.
-Pylon supply blocked.
-Morph warp-prism while warping units.
-Chronno boost at 10.
-Don't regroup before attack.
-Stalkers in front of zealots.
-Fail at escape with blink ( some stalkers left in the other side of the cliff).
-Force fields to late.
-Double cyber or double robobay.
-Don't use chronno in late game.
-Warp units in the middle of the battle (instead of warp they in a safe zone).
-Dancing stalkers while zealots are selected.

Well, enough for me. Add some ones.
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- Try to use my gateway units too long. (Silly me, I should know that my T1 is worse than everyone elses).
- Don't use hallucinate to scout enough when I lack a robo bay.
- Don't use hallucinate to eat up DPS.
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-Don't scout enough
-Don't get an obs when I should
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I can tell you a thing or two about mistakes!
-besides all that is written

-Not macroing enough
Example: Early Terran push @ 7ish minutes and you are just warping in your 2nd round of units.
Remedy: Get at least 6 gateways after your expansion, and use em! Constantly!

-Not properly dealing with the infamous MUTA BALL in current HOTS
Example: 10:30 into the game and you just detect the built spire, and have immortals on the field. Time to change your drawers cause theres going to be 20 Mutalisks Rocking your mineral line and theres not a damn thing you can do about it.
Remedy: Always at the 9 minute mark on two bases build 3 stargates. Weather or not you see a spire. Mass voids if no mutas, mass phoenix's if there is mutas. Than switch to colossus cause if your opponent is not going air hes going hydralisk, if hes going air than stick with phoenix's.

those are my big mistakes at the moment, will add more as I find them. INPUT would be great, as far as remedies go =)
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-Not using chronoboost mid-lategame.
-Underbuilding gateways lategame.
-Stop macroing when doing constant Micro (Blink, Multiple Prisms)
-Taking a late fourth
-Underbuilding Observers (Cloak Ghosts lategame PvT can mess me up)
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I need to be better at managing oracle energy.
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Remedy: Get at least 6 gateways after your expansion, and use em! Constantly!


Protoss is all about having excess gateways and using them only when you need them (i.e. not constantly). That's the beauty of Chronoboost: It allows you to completely focus on tech, economy or army, depending on what you need at that precise moment. That way, you can be more efficient than if you try to focus on the three at the same time.
Normally, the order in which you should focus your Chronoboost and money spending is Economy-->Tech/Upgrades/Production--->Army, unless you're aiming to do some sort of aggression or you are trying to defend an attack from your opponent.

My mistakes:

-Leaving my phoenixes completely unattended when something else comes into my attention, only to find an army of hydras underneath them a moment later.
-Not building enough observers/Not getting obs speed in late game PvT, when (mass) cloaked ghosts come into play (I've lost to this so many times).
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Forgetting warpgate
Hotkeying my warpgates to my army
Somtimes double tech structures
Mess up my wall in pvz
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- Not splitting HT's and losing to a single emp.
- Not doing DT harass against zerg after Zealot attacks
- Not really ever forcing opponents down a level
- I'm too focused on finding what my opponent cares about and snapping his neck of pride usually forcing him to rage.
- Not building more than 10 gates almost ever, causing me to remax slower at 10/21_2 against a 20/13/14 zerg.
- Having my zealots get the concave in major fights, when stalkers should be split behind a convex of zealots.
- Too Focused on focus firing units I hate, and not actually microing correctly.
- Too focused on doing everything I can to piss off the opponent usually causing him to play worse.
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-Scouting a Terran's base with Obs
-Not having my Obs covering frequented attack paths.
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-Scouting a Terran's base with Obs

Uh oh, what's wrong with this? (And how should you scout instead?)
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-Picking Protoss
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-Picking Protoss

you beat me too it lol
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Besides already mentioned:

- Trapping Probe behind buildings.
- Not putting Zealot on hold for wall vs Zerg.
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Awww darn this is a necro thread.
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Awww darn this is a necro thread.

Yeah I knew that, but does it matter? lol
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-Stick with Stalkers and Zealots too long
-Start making T3 Units WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too late.
-I always go All-in
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