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Want to pay $ to make a custom StaRTS

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1. High-ground advantage, units on high-ground are missed 50% of time.
2. Add Scourge like in starbow.
3. Add Lurkers. Requires research and hydra den.
4. Add Goliath.
5. Add reaper grenades back in as a 50/100 60 second research.
6. Decrease Mothership Core vision to 8, increase speed 20%.
7. Add ability for ALL Zerg units burrowed ON CREEP ONLY to move at the speed of a queen off creep.
8. Decrease Burrow research to 50/50.
9. Reduce build time for units at Gateways after WarpGate is researched to 15 secs less than the warp in Cool Down time.
10. Blink requires WarpGate.
11. Add Lockdown & Lockdown Research for ghost.
12. Reduce Swarmhost size 25%, increase build time 20%.
13. Add a new research 100/200 at Ultralisk den that adds charge like zealot charge.
14. Add a Dragoon as a researchable 100/50 research at cybernetics core.
15. Add Hercules massive transport.
16. Add suppress to Phoenix as a research costing 100/50 at Fleet beacon.
17. WidowMines are revealed for 1.5 secs after firing.
18. Marines require U-238 research at Engineering Bay to become range 5. Range in bunkers unchanged.
19. Mothership gets Vortex again.
20. Afterburners consume 25 energy. If there is no energy, they do damage equal to the amount of missing energy.
21. SCVs can repair Protoss units.
22. NP is permanent for small units.
23. Infestor can move while NP is attached.
24. ITs get weapons upgrades, movement speed increased 10%.
25. Upgrade at Ultralisk den to increase its speed off creep to its speed on creep.
26. Tank turrets track targets on the move.
27. Ghost nuke drops 6 sec faster when ghost is uncloaked.
28. Reapers can hover with an activated ability that lasts 5 seconds, and grants vision of high ground.
29. Hellions can boost (with flame coming out of their rear), but can't attack for 1.5 seconds after doing so boost has 20 second cool down.
30. Terran buildings move 25% faster.
31. Crawlers root 25% faster.
32. Tempest has boost like Medivac, scrubs all shields off when used, damages tempest if less than 25 shields. Quadruple tempest firing rate, reduce damage to 5%, 15%. 30% and then 50% of current shot power on each shot (resets after 4).

Things I am not sure about:

33. Marines can be upgraded in the field to Reapers or Marauders for the difference in their costs plus 15 seconds. They stand still while upgrading.
34. Add Brutalisk for 400/200 requires Greater Spire, Hydralisk Den and Ultralisk Den.
35. Widow mines cost 10 to reload and can be turned on and off like Swarmhosts.
36. Oracle requires 50/100 research that takes 60 secs to attack.

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I'd like to take bids on the job (for someone capable) to make these modifications. I would be willing to pay $5-10 each for these. I would be willing to pay more if some of them are considerably more difficult.

This peoject/patch needs a name. Hmm SC2+ is taken so is StarBow. Im going with StaRTS for now to emphasize the importance of the highground and micro changes.
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I think you should just play StarBow
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Thank you for your opinion. Thats not what i'm after. I want what I want and im going to pay for it. Starbow is fine and all but its not what I asked for in the OP. I'd like to find someone competent to make it and I'll pay them and test it. I dont have time right now or id do it myself, so im looking for someone interested.
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Why not just spend some time familiarizing yourself with the editor, perhaps read some tutorials, and look to the forums for assistance with the things you're having trouble with. Mapping is fun if you take the time to learn it.

I'm fairly new to the galaxy editor, but a lot of the things you have listed there only take a minute or two to accomplish and aren't worth $5. You'd be ripping yourself off.
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Im sure, but "alot of" is the issue, I want someone else to do the work I don't have the time and honestly am not all that interested in learning the galaxy editor or map making, hence the extension mod request. Im looking to collaborate with someone who already knows it.
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If someone wants the job, post here.
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i'll take the job. contact me
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i have 4 mods already posted if you want to check out my work

TheHitmanWargirl's Insanely Overpowered ext. mod

TheHitman's Custom Gameplay Ext. Mod

TheHitman's No Combat Air Units Ext. Mod

TheHitman's Fast Map Mod
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my character code is 968 i play on the NA server mostly
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I'll check them out. Thank you, ill be in touch.
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the mods were made for my maps and wargirl's maps. so it wasn't a paid thing, it was a labor of love. so please understand that although i make everything work and i make sure there are no hotkey conflicts, i dont fill out all the tooltips, but if it were paid, i'd be meticulous about the info. the modifications listed are also a fluid work in progress to keep the game fun, interesting and to try new things. the lists are only the major modifications a player needs to know, there are many more subtle things that were added over time, but as u play they will become apparent like starting energy amounts and such.

i wouldn't call the insanely op mod balanced, but the other mods were done with specific goals in mind. i try to do what i think will be good for beginners to try new things without fear of instantly losing (because they tried something the arent familiar with), but also for people who are skilled and want to push the limits of their abilities to get the most out of very little. i like to design maps that focus on specific aspects of gameplay and style. but overall, i feel the mods i make give people an opportunity to micro or macro or strategize to their hearts content. protoss is designed to be more micro, terran is more tech, and zerg is more macro. thus enhancing the strengths of each. it's a very different flavor and feel than the blizzard mods, but it's very fun.

this is paid work, so expect me to give you what you ask for. looking at the list, i'm certain i can accomplish everything there. but some things will take a bit of time. allrighty i hope u like what u see and i hope we can do business my friend.
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