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Call to Action: January 31 Balance Testing

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what zerg unit is the one you are using in your portrait ?
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02/01/2014 06:59 AMPosted by blackICE
what zerg unit is the one you are using in your portrait ?

It's a changeling! :)
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02/01/2014 02:56 AMPosted by Siege
The problem is that they have a imbalance of options currently. The opening in TvP is the Reaper Expand and you must prepare for Xgate allins, 2 base Collosi or Storm, Oracle+Xgate all ins, Voidray+xGate allins, Dts, Oracles,Blink...Should I continue? Now try to defend all this stuff going mech from the beginning...

^this. DT drops, good old proxy Immortals, 3gate pressue. 2 base 7 gates. OMG. You can't spot everything of these even with double reapers expand sometimes. Terrans limited in openings, because lack of scouting is very big issue in TvP nowadays.

Macro TvP is hard, but still somehow balanced. But early game is silly joke, with protoss ability to proxy everything, and MSC, countering any of early/counter agression. Some protoss whining about macro Terran is too strong, with ghosts buff they encouraged cheese even more.

Maps like Frost, Yeonsu, Heavy Rain are very bad for TvP too.
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02/01/2014 07:06 AMPosted by WhooZy
It's a changeling! :

such a cool unit portrait the changeling and the unit himself suxs Why not making changeling a upgrade to attack that would be cool loots of overseers droping changelings with overlords hydras and mutas wow AHGG Zerg dreams :D
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what if PO had like 2 attacks
one with its currend range dealing shild damage
and the second more like a photon cannon close by the mineral line regarding its range

its main needed purpose is to catch up against protoss 4 gate.

second usfullness is to avoid protoss of having to FFE to get an FE and dely anything significantly
just to be safe of hyper agressive erlay pushes
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I think it is funny though.
Even if the Hydralisk change proves not to be imbalanced, and even if it improves all match-ups, the Hydralisk is still a boring unit, a Stalker or Marine without Blink/Stim.
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though the
hydralisk synergises by nature with allmost all unit compositions zerg has
also is one of the most powerfull to drop in mineral lines
so its not that boring at all when you compare it to zergs current metagame
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02/01/2014 08:10 AMPosted by ChimpaDiah
Protoss Nerf here we go again... They took Khaydarin amulet from protoss tech and gave it to the ghost! EMPs... EMPs everywhere! And Mamaship Core won't be so useful =( I hope that its nerf won't be permanent

Except EMP wasn't nearly as sick as amulet was for templar. Not a very good comparison.

All it does is make a slightly faster terran timing push. Seriously the most random change that won't even remotely fix TvP. The balancing team must not play this game or watch pro games. They can say they do all they want but they obviously don't get it.
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I'm not sure if photon overcharge reduced to 50 seconds is going to do anything. Reducing it to 45 seconds might make a bigger difference in PvT. I will test out this map though with some friends and see how the changes have impacted the game.
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02/01/2014 07:29 AMPosted by Fawxkitteh
I think it is funny though.
Even if the Hydralisk change proves not to be imbalanced, and even if it improves all match-ups, the Hydralisk is still a boring unit, a Stalker or Marine without Blink/Stim.

Other than units like the Siege Tank or the Brood War Vulture that actually have an interesting mechanic to shake things up, most units are just boring reskins with stats.

The only thing to make standard units such as Marines or Hydralisks exciting is the micro that players must do to mitigate strong splash damage......Which is just another reason to reduce the Hydralisk's damage point from 0.2 to something reasonable regardless of any and all other changes that are tested and go through.
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02/01/2014 05:34 AMPosted by Zamara
01/31/2014 09:20 PMPosted by Snow
Not really. Even if hydralisks cost 0 gas, they would still have less HP and DPS than two stimmed marines, which would be of equal cost.
It does not change the fact that the 50% cost reduction makes hydras actually too powerful in ZvP since they already are slightly stronger in timing attacks with roaches. This alone should warrant a small decrease in damage output to compensate. However, let's wait and see this confirmed that hydras with 25 gas cost are not a good idea.

PS: I'll acquiesce if I am wrong.

I disagree, largely because it's almost never the gas cost of hydralisks that is the liming factor, but rather minerals. This change would ultimately help zerg more with teching, upgrades, and preparations for a tech switch more than anything else.
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this is y tempest buff is bad

1) tempest rush vs zerg, i played vs zerg rushed 2 tempest and won killed spore(s), queen(s),hydra(s) and hatch in less than 10 mins with 2 tempest!

2) in game the tempest says it dose 60 vs. Structures not 30 vs. Structures!

3) bad idea
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Clearly, Blizzard has no idea on how to balance the game.


They are just laughing at us behind our backs.
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02/01/2014 10:48 AMPosted by WorkHorse
Clearly, Blizzard has no idea on how to balance the game.


They are just laughing at us behind our backs.

It's not balance that is keeping me and you in diamond buddy :)
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Firstly: In zvz i found it very helpful and think it will make other options viable than ling muta, and gives an alternative if you do not want to go all-in because you do not want to play the meta.
The zvz meta game needs a lift imo and this buff could help vs the muta wars, it is not only that you are able to get out more hydras faster but the fact that you are able to go hydra infestor in a combination without you getting gas starved.

Secondly: in zvp we have greatest concern among the people in my understanding. But much off the concerns is just a premature and impulsive reaction imo of people that have not tested it or done any thought to it other then; that is OP and LMAO how could you think of something like that.

Well in my experience if the protoss scouts and knows it is coming he is able to hold of mass hydras and hard counter it with either Storm or Colossus. In wol it would be op because protoss was not able to cut as many corners as they are in hots due to the mothership core. The mothership core has allowed protoss to be able to hit timings and tech a lot better and harder which makes them able to get a hard counter up earlier to whatever the opponent wants to throw at them. In addition protoss was given an easy access scout ability with hallucinations so the ability to know what the opponent is doing have become an easy task. So in my experience it is was worth testing and might not be a complete imba and broken buff to hydras, but what do i know i play zerg XD

Thirdly: zvt i have not tested, because i can not imagine it being a problem.
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With recent results, isn't it obvious that Potoss way too overpowered (in TvP's at least) for u Blizzard? I don't want to play TvP's, i don't want to watch TvP's. I have +10% better ratio on other matchups on EU ladder, than TvP. And it's common for Terrans nowadays.

Just saying:
Global GML race distribution.:
Code A stats:
WCS Premier Europe races (only 1! non-Korean Terran):
GSL Code S races:
IEM San Paulo:

How, i suppose, we should guess, wich Protosses will win all upcoming cups. Gj.
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02/01/2014 11:12 AMPosted by Hunta
It's not balance that is keeping me and you in diamond buddy

It's not about our diamond. Watch my post above. And, yeah, my EU stats:
vZ: 63%
vT: 58%
vP: 49%

It's not fun to play it anymore.

TvP in a nutshell:
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Does anyone else find it interesting that many zerg players feel they can't use units to fight late game protoss armies, so they started the SH/static d plays... Which is awful.

Blizz logic: We'll make protoss units stronger
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