AHH!! Need help with brutal "All In" Sky

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It's driving me to shredded cheeseballsacks. I think the reason I'm having a hard time is I don't have the right tech. I can't make ghosts-only spectres, don't have the mind control to mind control the mutalisk, and i don't even have planetary fortress. Is there another way to do it? I'm watching youtube videos but i just can't seem to do it just like them. I never even got to 90 percent... Is it even possible with my crappy tech?
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Is there any way to change to the nydus worm version?
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reload a save from before Belly of the Beast.

But I just did this and all i had was

A couple siege Tanks each entrance, 2 bunkers, a few peridition turrets, and 4 scvs repairing each side.

I built a whole bunch of mc towers, used those to mc mutas/bl and hunter killers, I had the 2 bcs and the hel's angels in the rear of my base to protect from those attacks, 2 scvs repairing the missile turrets also there.

I then built as many ghosts as I could, used those to keep broodlords down and saved the artifact for kerrigan/ovie wave. Leviathen killed with mutas.

Fully upgraded:

are the most essential

Researches: Attack speed, extra gas, auto gas, science vessel, tech reactors
bunker health,perdition, pred (cuz both useless and yolo), celluar reactors, mc tower

all mercs cuz yolo and i had extra money.

EDIT: as a diamond player one would think you experience would be easier, but without mc towers brutal can easily be a big huge pain in the !@#. Standard guide for all in ground is psi disruptors (which you have) which group the zerg and siegetanks to destroy them

Bio ball to kill kerri, with some medics mixed in to handle the storm.
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Thanks for the post! I think i will load from before belly of the beast. I really wish i gotten the mind control tech so bad. It looks fun with all those mutas.
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02/05/2014 09:36 PMPosted by Stephanie
Thanks for the post! I think i will load from before belly of the beast. I really wish i gotten the mind control tech so bad. It looks fun with all those mutas.

Mutas make levi easy, and BL > kerri, so yeah, without mc towers, all-in air requires some serious skillz to complete on brutal.
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If you want to do All-In air version without HME, you must have Vikings (and Hel's Angels) with all upgrades and Tech Reactor. Ultra-Capacitors and Science vessel are highly recommended, along with both siege tank upgrades and Calldown: MULE. You should also have Micro Filtering and Automated Refineries.

1. Getting set up:
- Start by sending SCVs to harvest (and collect gas if you don't have Auto Refineries) and calldown a MULE. - Build more SCVs, up to 2/mineral patch but no more, as you need supply
- Build tech reactors for your Factory, Barracks and StarPort. Reposition buildings so they are close together and do not waste space.
- Build a second Barracks and Starport
- Start upgrades: Air Weapons at the Armory and Infantry Weapons at the Engineering Bay. Then upgrade armor. You might consider building another Armory and EB, but only later when you have minerals to burn.
- Start queuing supply depots as the ones to the southwest will soon be destroyed

2. Building defenses
- Pull-back your forces closer to the ramps. Send your Battlecruisers south, where they will guard against Brood Lord attacks
- With no PF you need 2+ bunkers (preferably Fortified) with PT put in front. Put a Marauder (hopefully w/concussive shells) & Marines inside. Build some Missile Turrets nearby.
- Build a bunker on the ledge near the Artifact, along with several missile turrets. You need a bunch of SCVs on the ledge for repair. Send a Medivac or 2 up there to heal SCVs. Later if they all die use the Medivacs to ferry more up there.
- Start building siege tanks, at least 8, but no more than 12-15.
- Pump out Marines! You need at least 25-30, along with mercenary Marauders & Firebats if you have them (if not, just make marines) and a few medics. Keep them just behind your bunkers at the left ramp
- Pump out Vikings - have them rally to the Artifact. If your micro is good you should make 2 Viking groups, 1 at the Artifact, another to hold off BL attacks just south of it. You should keep 3-6 Vikings (or a Hel's Angel group) near the top entrance to your base, as you will get hit by BL attacks from that direction as well.
- Send Jackson's Revenge to join the Battlecruisers south.
- Start building missile turrets along the bottom edge. Since you have Perdition Turrets I would queue up a couple in your mineral line as a way to take out any Infested Terrans that get dropped inside your base.
- For every air group, you should have 1 Science Vessel if you have them

3. Fighting the Zerg
- Once your Viking force is large enough they can usually defend the Artifact without too much supervision. The biggest danger is the left ramp, you'll get quite a few Zerg ground forces rushing in, along with sizable BL attacks. It's very easy to get overrun there, so pay attention.
- Also watch out for BL attacks from the north. 3-4 battlecruisers that are fully upgraded with weapons should take out the attacks from the south, but if your SCVs are under attack, be sure to Yamato cannon BLs quickly
- Save the Nova for Kerrigan if you can. Watch which way she approaches your base, then send your Marine bioball in that direction. Just before she reaches the ramp, use Nova, stim your Marines and focus her down. You want to engage her in range of your siege tanks, and your marine bioball will work very well so long as it's big enough. Make sure you maneuver it out of her Razor Swarm.
- After she goes down, rebuild your Marines and siege tanks. Keep upgrading and calling down MULEs
- When the mass Overlord drop happens, use your bioball to clean up the Infested Terrans. You can use Nova, but I'd save it for Kerrigan if possible.
- When the Leviathan appears, try to lure it close enough to your base that Nova will damage it. You need a large # of Vikings (at least 24). As soon as Kerrigan goes down send all your Vikings at it and focus it down until it dies.
- Repeat until the end!

There are variations if you have Ghost (put in bunkers, use Snipe on Overseers/BLs/Kerrigan), Spectres (mass Psionic Lash), Thors (stun her with barrage) and Ravens (PDDs apparently deflect her attacks), but I've never used them.

Good luck!


If you redo with HME, blanket the ledge where the Artifact is with HME towers. Put them in a control group, and right click on all Zerg air units in range. Brood Lords are top priority, then Mutalisks, then Corruptors. Build HMEs to the south and north as well. You still need to build some ground defense. Also, mind control Ultralisks if you can, they're great for defending the ramps.

Put your BLs in a separate control group, and when Kerrigan comes send them after her. As long as you have enough (8+), she won't be able to get rid of the broodlings fast enough to advance. Once she's stopped send your Mutalisk group at her, taking care to steer clear of her Razor Swarm.

The Leviathan is no problem, when it appears just send your 40+ Mutalisks and any Corruptors you have at it.
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