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Hey everyone. I'm a Diamond Protoss looking to practice with masters and other Diamonds so i can try and reach my goal of being in Masters league. Through the week of my return to starcraft i have played over 300 games. Went from Gold to Plat and then to Diamond. Now, i know Masters is top 2 % so im willing to practice as much as it takes to get to my goal.

On the ladder i have seen some awesome players and (not so great) players. And it got me thinking on how one goes through the process of improvement(Skill wise) in this game. So others learn faster and then some are slower right?It's just how the world works, some people have to work harder? I dont know but all i do know is i can only get better by playing.

15-20 games a day seemed to be a good start for me. I got back into the Meta and started to work on my macro and mechanics. I'm also watching replays and just all around trying new styles to test out new possibilities.

Currently I'm sitting at top 25 Diamond on a little slump/tilt but that's a good sign. Tilts have to happen in order to get better and so far it's payed off. The people i'm facing on ladder are either mid Diamond previous masters even top Diamonds that were 4 to 9 time masters. I'm hoping that means my mmr is getting good!

Now if anyone wants to add me in game on NA my name is Blukk code 869
Thanks for reading and i hope to be practicing with some masters from the forums soon :)
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As long as you playing Protoss - you can even don't think about playing solid macro, just do some all-ins perfectly (1-2 per every matchup) and your goal will be achieved way more faster.

I'm a sort of idiot who never does cheesy builds and that's why my ladder career is so long, though I reached top 1 Diamond on both EU/AM.
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