Top down view:
  • All high grounds and islands are un-droppable.
  • Artwork are still being worked on.
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    Map Description

    Sleeping Beauty is a two player 1 v 1 melee map that features a very large and open space in the middle of the map where it's cut off into two halfs by a break in the land with a Xel'Naga watch tower in the center surrounded by sight blockers. Both of the third bases have a large ramp leading to the low ground to give defender's advantage of high ground positioning along with a rock to block enemy entry that can be opened up in the mid to late stages of the game. In the early stages of the game there are two paths that can be taken to reach opponent's base, one is the straight forward closest large ramp leading to the low ground and the other is through what is consider a fifth base and past the collapsible rock tower by the first path to reach your enemy. The map design was designed with a defender's advantage in mind. Good luck and have fun playing on it.


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