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If Tychus hadn't taken Mengsk's deal, he might have simply gotten out during Jim's attack on New Folsom. This in turn would mean Jim may not have gone after the artifacts and probably wouldn't have helped Kerrigan. Huh.

If Zeratul hadn't killed Zasz on Char, Aiur might not have been found by the Zerg and the Overmind might have eventually been defeated there instead of the Protoss Homeworld. This in turn would mean that a lot more Protoss would still be around to help (dragoons...yay).

Any other chain reactions that might not have happened if someone made a different decision?
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Had the Xel'Naga been more careful, they would have been satisfied with the Protoss and thus would have not sought to create the Zerg.

Had Earth been ruled by a benevolent government instead of a comically ruthless dictatorship, no undesirable would have been exiled to the Koprulu Sector and thus the Terran species would have never come into existence.
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If Tassadar had obeyed his orders and simply obliterated Tarsonis instead of attempting to engage the Zerg manually, Kerrigan would never have been sent to the surface to hold them off, and Mengsk could not have left her behind to the Zerg. There would have been no Queen of Blades, and while it's entirely possible that Mengsk would have found another method to get her killed or abandoned, this means the Chrysalis would not have been created.

As a result, Tassadar, Zeratul, Raynor, and Mengsk's attention would never have been drawn to Char, and pretty much the entirety of the events of Starcraft following Tarsonis would never have occurred. It's debatable whether the UED would have even bothered sending their fleet as well.

Kerrigan may have convinced Raynor to stay on with the Sons of Korhal, as well, which means Raynor's Raiders may have never truly formed, as well, remaining the Sons of Korhal unit "Raynor's Rangers". It's possible the two of them may have defected together after Arcturus stays his course of murder and power-grabbing, though.
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