I played a lot of starcraft 1 compare to starcraft 2. Personally, I enjoy playing starcraft 1, even if it has so much worse AI and UI. One of the main reason is the maps. In sc1, there are more variety of maps. Currently, there are no island maps, as far as I know. Having different types of maps, island, normal, no main base entrance, main entrance blocked by mineral patches with only 1 mineral left or neutral buildings(or rocks).

Every single expansions has same number of minerals and gas. It would be much more interesting if there are some expansions that has more minerals but no gas, or less mineral but more gas, or an expansion which is located in the middle of map, which has double amount of mineral and gas. Or some maps can have large entrance, but most of them is blocked with neutral building or mineral patches with only 1 mineral left.

I simply want more variety of maps in sc2 ranked game