Hey folks, I'm in the process of creating an arcade map with custom heroes. One ability my hero has (that I really want to keep) is that he calls down an airstrike.

I used much of the pre-existing data from the Archangel Bombardment ability to create the Airstrike ability, with only one bug: The plane gets stuck in the air after it's bombing run. The rest of the actors and effects go off without a hitch, making the ability still usable, but it simply looks dumb.

Here's the twist! I had originally thought I had bunked some of the data up when I had duplicated from the Bombardment ability, so I decided to try giving my Airstrike to the Archangel and the Bombardment to my hero.

The Archangel performed my Airstrike perfectly and I got the same plane sticking with the original Bombardment ability...

This leads me to believe there is a field somewhere calling some information on the casting unit or source unit which is causing the ability to bug, but for the life of me I cannot find it. Please help! :)