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Been working on some Ideas about different Cerebrate Broods. As there were at least 8 different broods, there were perhaps more than what was shown in Starcraft. thus, I would like to exploit that in some way by showing different Broods and Cerebrates off.

Based from untold information, Cerebrates are psionic, or at least are vastly powerful biologically. Examples include Zasz and his ability of clairsentience, some Cerebrates and the Torrasques, and for the UED mission one indication of a Cerebrate influencing seemingly immortality to sunken colonies. Therefore, been brainstorming different ideas on different broods and Cerebrates:

Brood: Erymanthian
Colour: Crimson
Cerebrate: Known and nicknamed by the Confederacy as "Níðhöggr" when they invaded the outer colonies, the Cerebrate of the Erymanthian Brood is one of the older cerebrates, existed for centuries as a hunter and spy of the zerg swarm. Unlike Zasz, the Cerebrate of Erymanthian is calculating, with much of its strains and strengths being oriented to discipline and prediction.

Being one of the few Cerebrates that holds to ancient overlords, much of his Sheppard's have increased sight, in order to give greater sight to the rest of the swarm. With the ancient overlords acting as commanders of the Brood, the small and weak brood has its Cerebrate master give mental strength to those closes to it, allowing greater orientation of the broods across the planet in order to focus.

The Cerebrate, when gathered enough information in the battlefield, replicates precognition, allowing the master of the brood to better deal with situations that arrive. Along with its remote viewing, the Cerebrate often focuses the battlefield to deal with its enemies. Along with this, the old Cerebrate conjurs two pairs of agile zergling strains, created to deal with any of the Cerebrates enemies.

Special Strains:
- Harts; two pairs of cerebrate-fleshed zerglings which are quick and agile, attacking fierce even when weak.
- Yggdrasils; classified elder overlords created to serve as the commanders over hive clusters that are outside of combat, only brought to battle when necessary; only half a dozen exist.

Brood: Keukegon
Color: Violet
Cerebrate: Designed as a manipulator and a soother, the Cerebrate has been assigned to the deranged Kagg and his Surtur Brood for years. As Kagg is known for its full raging malice across everything standing, the Cerebrate has been assigned to distract Kagg from others of the Swarm as a potential target, and to satisfy its thirst.

Much of its brood is weak in strength, as Kagg is often leading the brute of it all. Rather, the lying Cerebrate helps or hinders the Surtur Brood unknowingly to the enraged, the Keukegon's Cerebrate distracting Surtur's Master from its task. Seen by Kagg as an advisor and communication from the Overmind, the Cerebrate often manipulates the worlds they infest, thus uses often Defilers to help the Surtur Brood. Along with this, the Cerebrate is able to restore energy and life into zerg minions, however need to consume larvae in order to resture the swarm once more.

As Kagg is a ruthless, dangerous leader to even its own allies, the Cerebrate often stimulates Kagg's hunger, making sure its direction is set to the Overmind's direction.

Special Strains: Surtur Alphas; given to the Keukegon Brood as a gift from Kagg, these zerglings are scarred and crippled in structure, however are more vicious than any other zergling. Much of their scares are due to the broods hordes of Zerglings often trampling and directly leaping and killing their own kind.

Brood: Askofroa
Color: Brown
Cerebrate: As the Overmind consumed much of the Xel'naga and its knowledge, the Cerebrate was created before the direct travel to Terran Space was set. Created as a creature with knowledge of Khaydarin crystals, the Cerebrate has been designed to find the ultimate weapon to destroy the Protoss. However, as the overmind saw Terrans as a potential power with their Psionics, the Cerebrate and its Broods were near forgotten, if not for its already powerful energy.

As the Overmind extracted knowledge from the Xel'naga, the Brood had been assigned to take scraps of the Xel'naga world ships and used the energies for its own, integrating the crystals around it and its minions. When it was assigned to terminate the Protoss, it later harvested the scraps of destroyed protoss, and used the many khaydarin artefacts as part of its arsenal. When it invaded the Protoss, it often used the powers to manipulate the world around it, and even turned machinery held by the Khaydarin crystals as a weapon against them.

Special Strains: None; some of the breeds have attached Khaydarin crystals in order to allow the Cerebrate greater manipulation on the battlefield at times.

Brood: Marabbecca
Color: Tan
Cerebrate: A creature that desires surprise and fear over anything else, the Cerebrate has intimite knowledge of manipulating others mind. Once assimilating certain species, the essence of their mind is often abused fiercely. Often times, Terrans have found themselves dealing with Hydralisks turned into their greatest fears, hallucinations and mental anguish constantly embracing them.

The Cerebrate never desires to attack without causing distress and angusih, and is infuriated with the inability to pause the Protoss (due to lack of assimilation). Often times, the Cerebrate often tries as best as it can to deal with the Protoss during the great war to strike fear, while it gains its deepest desires from terrifying Terran Worlds.

Special Strains: Corslisks; Hydralisks altered into skeletal creatures, their carapace looking deathly on sight. They often burrow and leap to grab and drag victims into holes, armed with an extra pair of mandibles and a thousand noises it can pitch.

Got any ideas of other Broods and their Cerebrates?
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