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As an Avid fan of Starcraft for a long time seeing how i think it has gone down hill ever since the first nerf.
i felt as if there was action, there was more tactics in attacking/timings and Blizzard was to keen to listen to the community before people even could come up with some strats as counters.
I agree there were some "incredibly strong comp/strategies but they were sort of what made it fun.
And lately they've been discussing alot about how maps made some strategies better/different.

Well, here we are 4 years after and people kind of agree that maps made the game different i decided to revoke the game nerfs blizzard decided.

And the fact that i wanted zerg to feel more "zergy" with low supply units en massable at least in hatchtech

- Zerg (note about Fungal, its still a missile with 10range as it feels instant root/dmg is way tooo anti-micro)

- 1 supply
- 2 armor
- +1 and +2 scales with 2dmg points per upg
- Decreased buildtime

- weaponCD down to 0.75
- Health 85
- Movement speed (unupgraded) : 2.25

- Fungal growth dmg 35(30% to armored)
- Infested Terrans benefit from weapon upg
- Decreased Life to 120
- Movement Speed : 2.56

- cost decreased to 50/50
- Contaminate energy cost decreased to 75

- Added the ultra speed upg for 150/150 adding 0.68 to 2.96 to movement speed making it move at 3.64
- Health increased to 600hp
- Kaiser Blades Deal 35 flat dmg + 5 to structures

- Movement speed at 3.01

- Reaper has d-8 charge
- Reaper requires a tech lab to be built
- Siege tank costs 150/100 at 2supply
- Thor costs 200/150 at 4 supply
- Firebat removed bio tag
- Firebat does 18+12 to light
- Techlab build time decreased 5sec
- Reactor build time decreased 5sec

- Warpgate research time decreased to 80sec
- Weapon Upgrade research time inc with 20 sec each upg Weapon/Armor/Shield
- Darkshrine cost decreased from 100/250 to 100/200
- DarkTemplar removed Light tag
- Flux Vanes research at Fleet Beacon added for 150/150 costs and Fleet Beacon Req
- Voidrays Chargeup Weapon added to three stages 1st stage 6+2 2nd stage 10+2 and 3rd stage 12+2(to armored)
- Voidray cost set to 200/150
- Immortal movement speed 1.8
- Immortal 150 hp
- Immortal Range 5
- Zealot basic movement speed set to 2.56
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I wanted to explain some of the thoughts behind this change to.

- Terran
Terran has always felt like the versatile race.
Going bio meant you could fight your enemys comp up to a point and when you stopped getting costeffective trades it was better to drop or attack anywhere the enemy army wasnt.
Bio has now lategame potential thanks to the medivac and marauder and it kinda feels like a cheap win if you always get better trades out of your enemy for a unit that costs 50minerals.
You just attack and attack til he runs out of money, it feels very eh, 1comp beats all.

And i understand now after a while what blizzard wanted with the game when it was first released.
Reaper with D8 charge that does 40dmg to buildings.. man, if we had the mapsizes we have now, i doubt it would be a bigger problem than it was.

And the siege tanks dmg..
All i wanted was a siegetank that could smash 50supply in two shots.. that was sooo awesome.
And with a roach at 1 supply well.. then the trade is kinda awful for the terran.

And Protoss..
All the Weird All-in problems we get is because the "soft-counters" got nerfed or changed.
Now i know that Blink all in was non-existent before but all of a sudden there is no "counter" to it because it strikes so early and if the terran doesnt go greedy he's behind 1 base and have been for a long time.

Blizzard had all the good tools to make this a great game, i just think they went kind of wrong path.
In the event of a terran going mech. Time cant work in the favour of the Protoss for mech to work.
Mech takes awfully long time to mass, the units are timeconsuming to make and very very costly and slow. For it to work it must be costeffective in low numbers.. Meaning high damage, high Hp.

I've added some of my preferred changes to the mod aswell.
For example the forge upgrades, because of the racial difference in the game Protoss is usually extremely costeffective in a equal upgrade situation but against a advantage its almost game ending if the opponent doesnt watch out.
Thus have i made the protoss user having to chrono the forge for a longer period of time so the gap is not that big for a long time.
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And the fact that i liked ZvT Muta/ling/bane vs MarineTankMedivac battles...
it was just the maps that needed to be different
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I would love some folks to help me test it out.
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This is a nice mod.
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