I haven't yet found a good harassment AI for melee or melee like games and am considering writting one myself.


  • find units suitable for harassment and form a group to attack in.
  • detect targets for harassment (expansions with workers or isolated buildings)
  • calculate attack paths for approaching the target from different angles.


  • running away when outnumbered.
  • targetting workers over attacking units
  • simple ability usage like stim and cloak.
  • Time attacks so as to strike simultaniously.


  • get harassment units to avoid or sneak past enemy units
  • use knowledge of terrain (such as cliffs) to determine attack paths
  • realistically simulate a human players harassment

I think all the basic and intermediate goals are achieveable using trigger systems and can be made in a fashion which is applicable to all melee maps and harassment units. The end result would be a library which could be imported into other maps or adapted for other games. If this tool sounds useful to you, or better yet, if you would be interested in helping to develop such a tool I would greatly appreciate any help you could offer. You would of course get joint credit, I'm looking to form or join a team to tackle this task, not to find people to work for me.

I'm putting out the call on teamliquid and SC2mapster as well, so please excuse the cross posting.

Thanks, Turtles.