Darkest Heart Redux

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IC: After about a couple hours of walking or so, Arden reaches the manor. Seeing nobody else in sight as of yet, he goes to a corner in the courtyard and observes the grounds of the manor. He notices a statue base with what appears to be stone shards everywhere. He ponders what used to stand there on the statue.
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Thirty minutes does not cover ten miles...
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OOC: No kidding. I did a few ten mile hikes in boy scouts. The second and third time I got to watch the horses trot by me. Anyone who says 'Horses aren't that much faster than people' can just be wrong.

A trotting hose might not be much faster than a sprinting person, but you can not sprint for ten miles. No matter who you are.
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Heh XD Shall we see your next bit soon, Zanon?
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I was always known as the person who could walk forever without a break when I was in Boy Scouts. I discovered to my dismay, though, that a twelve mile hike becomes much more exhausting when you decide not to pack lunch.

"We ate a late breakfast, he said. We'll have an early dinner, he said."
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The priest had the Oxen push through the gates, them and himself passing through just fine, not Nefas though. He was pulled backwards in agony, a bloodcurdling scream erupting from his longs as he was pressed with great force between the holy imbued bars of his cage and the holy wards that kept him from entering. The whole ride was pulled to a halt by the pure force between the two opposing forces of the bars and the holy wards, and Kevin was finding this and the screams from his captive very annoying. "Can it back there and start moving through already, hellspawn! We have places to be, and strict guidelines as when to get there!" The screaming didn't stop until the Oxen had decided to give up and take a few steps backwards, exhaustion getting to them as the began to lay down, despite the curses of their driver.

Nefas was on his hands and knees staring at the ground, his hair having lost its spiky status, patted down with sweat against his forehead, slight brown colouring having returned in streaks across it. His eyes dimmed down a bit and darkened, closer to an almond, although still very much orange. The spikes across his arm had shortened slightly and dulled. Smoke drifted from the man's body. Being forced through the wards had brought him closer to his humanity, but through excruciating pain, and he was sure having the demonic presence ripped from him would kill him. What else could this have done to him, though?

Father Kevin Sarcerdos was cursing enough to even make a sailor blush. Foot after foot he began to stomp upwards towards the manor, having calmed down slightly, but words still spluttered out, similar to the flames that kept on being summoned in his hand. Throwing open the doors to the manor he moved inwards, looking to find the hunter who called him here.
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I notice the priest walking towards the manor and entering it. I then notice the boy in the cage with the demonic taint struggling. I walk towards the boy. "Who the hell was he...and for that matter, who the hell are you? And why are you in a cage...ok I think that is obvious. But still...who the hell are you?"
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Clarification: Nefas is in a cage, in the back of a cart pulled by oxen. Just so you can edit it again.
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Nefas' eyesight was black with pain, and his hearing was a blur. Keeping his body up was beginning to seem hard, and he let himself fall to his side. With his vision slowly coming back he could make out a humanoid shape. The demon-boy tried to speak, but came out with only a croak from a dry throat. His hearing had now returned, mostly anyways, catching the last part of what this person said, ",,,the hell are you?" Nefas blinked his eyes a few times, moisturizing them to get his sight to fully come back to him. This worked the best it could, for someone who was dehydrated., and the shape was more defined and coloured. A black haired boy stood before him. He must have been the one to ask him the question.

"Wat-ter," Nefas was able to croak out of his throat after several attempts, the separation between the two syllables at least being a second. He wanted to answer badly, but he was in dire need of the hydration.
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IC: "Oh, you need water? Here, i have some in my coat." Arden pulls out a canteen full of fresh water and offers it to the boy.

Wondering if Michael would make an honorary appearance as well XD. Your thoughts on it?
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Tobi let loose a sigh as he heard the front doors open rather loudly. "Seems another one has arrived, and I can guess who." Standing up, he leads Seraphim and Elisabeth out of the study to the top of the stairs. Sure enough, the Mad Priest had indeed arrived, almost on schedule too. He was actually slightly early, as were Elisabeth and Arden if he'd gotten here yet with Malek.

"Father Sarcerdos, glad you could make it. Any particular reason that you threw my doors open so loudly or was that just because you could?" The sarcasm in Tobi's voice ran thick, though his patience was running rather thin. First the asylum and now the Mad Priest being unreasonably rude. At the rate things were going, he would be kicking their rear ends to New Australia and back himself.
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Nefas reaches out his left arm -- his human arm -- to accept the canteen. Bringing it to his face, albeit shakily, the demon-boy drinks from the canteen, curing his parched throat as he downs the whole thing. Nefas sets the canteen down and speaks in an unsteady tone of voice, "I am... I am Nefas, and as my name says, I am an abomination."


Kevin's face turns from that of anger to that of a friendly smile. "Ah, yes. Mr. Tobi. I was a little steamed by your wards. I was bringing you the gift of a hellspawn. Yes, a demon as a gift. For you," the priest raised his arms and pointed his fingers at the Van Helsing, "to slay. However, your wards are keeping even my Oxen from pulling him through in my cage for him. Sure, I'm all for painful slaughter of those who are damned, but I can't have him die when I have brought him for you. So I would request you to either a) lower your wards for just a second, or b) come out yourself and kill him." Kevin finishes with a bow, "It would be an honour."


"Do you have any knowledge of holy enchantments?" Nefas asks of the hunter that stood in front of him. He needed out of there.
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"I do, actually. Unfortunately, they can only be removed by those who set them. In the meantime, I'll go see if Van Helsing can remove the wards. I walk into the manor and see the priest from earlier talking with Van Helsing. "Who the hell are you(to the priest), and why the hell do you have an innocent boy in a cage?"
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I look at Arden then back at the Priest, frowning deeply at the mention of a boy. "Boy, Father? I do believe you owe me an explanation before I go out and kill anything." Father Sarcerdos was known to be more than zealous when it came to his position with the Church, but he'd killed more than his share of corrupted, most of whom made the most of their curse by making it a weapon against the darkness. Men still feared them still, but did not worry about them turning against their fellows so heavily.

The man was also known to burn anywhere he thought was corrupted, but that was not a prime concern right now. The concern was the possibility of a boy being in unnecessary danger, corrupted or no.
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Kevin rolls his eyes and looks at the newcomer. "I am Father Kevin Sacerdos. A priest of the Roman Catholic church gifted with the Flame of God, a powerful thing to deal with hellish corruption. Please don't tell me his petty illusion fooled you. He had a demonic arm for," Kevin cuts himself off before he says the name of his Lord in vain. "And he is no boy. He is easily over the age of eighteen, and he certainly speaks like it." The Mad Priest scowls at the newcomer because now he had to explain himself more so to Tobi. "He is obviously corrupted, his arm is already converted, and his eyes burned orange. Not to mention that his hair was inhumanly white and obviously not gelled, yet it was still in spikes. He is the spawn of a demon! He is no innocent, he even had blood on his hand when I found him. He even put up a fight against me, and could have killed me if it weren't for the judgement of the Inquisition. Although, I am quite surprised he was only harmed by their will..." Kevin shrugs his shoulders and points towards the door. "Go see for yourself!"

OOC: Zarkun, I have now just thought of the Paladins in At the End of Her Journey thanks to that comment.
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Tobi growls lightly in annoyance and starts down the stairs, shaking his head. "So you assume the boy, despite only showing signs of partial corruption, is of demonic origin. Have you not been informed of the cases of demonic possession or conversion gone wrong? I know he isn't your first encounter with the Righteous Corrupted, you've slain their kind before. The blood, without a doubt, belonged to whatever monster he was hunting." Reaching the bottom of the steps, Tobi calmly approaches the Priest and gets close to him. "Go out there and release the man from your cage. I will work the wards the best I can. Many are angelic in origin." Turning away from the Priest, Tobi approaches a chair. "I will judge the truth."
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Kevin grumbles as he exits the building about people being foolish to trust demons. Upon reaching the cage he chants little bit and runs his hand across the bars of the cage, releasing the holy seal before he opens up the cage. Weak, Nefas is forced to crawl out of the cage, under the ever watchful and untrusting eye of the Priest. "You are lucky that Tobi wishes to judge before he executes."
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As the priest leaves, Tobi lets out a small sigh and shakes his head. "Father Kevin Sacerdos, holy priest of the Catholic Church, one of many wielders of the Holy Flame. Also called the mad priest for his blatant disregard for the safety of villages, the innocence of corrupted and his love of setting things on fire, including himself." Resting his head in his hands, another sigh escapes him. "God have mercy, but that I allowed him here means things are truly dangerous and heading down hill." Standing up, he approaches a pitcher with wine glasses near it and pours himself a glass, looking at the trio still in the entry hall. "Care for some? Right now, age matters little."

Father Sacerdos was responsible for the slaughter of Teron, though Tobi couldn't understand how it was a slaughter when everyone and everything was simply ash. More like the Torching, but he didn't write the history books. The town had a small necromancer problem, nothing the Hunters couldn't handle, but the Catholics, a different body from the Church that had most of the power, got there first with two of their own Inquisitors and Father Sacerdos. Three days they questioned the towns people and even a couple of the local werewolf packs, as relations between them and humans had improved some in the last two years. The Necromancer had taken cover in the catacombs underground. The Inquisitors were more than equipped to handle it, but the Priest got there first. What happened next is blurry to everyone who can recall. The catacombs themselves burned with holy flame and the blaze spread to the town, killing everyone and destroying everything. Only Father Sacerdos and the Inquisitors survived and the event was covered up. The cover up story is that a barn caught fire, but the Hunters, and relatives of the dead families, knew the truth.

While the man brought in the Corrupted, Tobi took another drink. "Your takes on the Mad Priest?"
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Seraphim shakes his head in disgust;
"There's no doubt he's several bats short in the belfry, but my only question is are you going to be able to keep him on a short enough leash to keep him out of trouble?"

Elisabeth pipes up;
""Ya know... If you want, I could check him out with my truesight, but I'd figure that you've plenty good methods of your own for this kind of stuff."
She says to Tobi.

- - -

Malek follows Arden into the manor, feeling a significant resistance from the manor's wards on account of the cursed and tainted artifacts he had stored as safely as he could. Watching the interplay between the priest and hunter, he raises an eyebrow, but says nothing, standing there in brooding silence.
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Tobi smiles at the mention of truesight. "Oh believe me, I can see far more about you all than you know." Turning to Seraphim, he shrugs and shakes his head. "As for keeping him in line, I'll just have to hope we stumble across some unfortunate demon cultists or something every now and then." Taking another drink of wine before refilling the glass, Tobi returns to his seat to wait, noticing Malek standing near Arden. "Welcome to my home, Malek. I hope you find it to your liking."
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