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Cortex RP refuses to start... auto drop...

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Hey !
I am getting so really sick, mad and desperate about this bug now !!!
My starcraft works fine but when i start a cortex role-play map it crashes. I don't know if it's all the cortex maps but at least I know it does on all the maps made by Shefford. I have tried to remove all aliases but it didn't work. The problem is that when I start the game it rather loads around 65 to 75% and then quits loading in around 3 minutes. And then it starts again and I'm dropped. Otherwise it doesn't load at all and suddenly after 3 minutes it starts and i drops automatically. Before auto dropping the surrender window pops upp. I don't have a single clue about this bug and i have been googling about it all the time. I could need some help. So please help me....

If anyone know the problem please contact me in SC2 you can add me easily.
Name: Ponta
Code: #469
Ponta #469
On the EU server

Please help me :(
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Do you have a lot of or large gamesetups? Often times the strain of loading large or lots of gamesetups can cause cortex maps to crash for everyone. Also, are you playing with other players when you load the Shefford maps? Try going into a game by yourself and using the command "Gamesetup list". You can also use "Gamesetup remove (Name)" if you have some you don't need that might be contributing to lots of space being taken up. As far as I know, these problems cannot be fixed permanently, and this is part of the reason I don't use gamesetups very often.
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I have also got this problem.

When I start a cortex role-play map the loading screen goes to 75% and stop, and it never starts to load again. It doesn't crash but nothing happens. Like the game stops to answer. Sometimes it doesn't even load at all. I have this problem on all maps made by "Illusionist", I can play a few Sheff maps thought.

Might this be due to some big alias or game setup thats taking a lot of space?
In that case how can I remove my aliases or game setups when I cannot enter the game?
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If I need to remove Illusionists bank files for the gamesetups, anyone know the name of the bank file? I want to be entirely sure about the name before I just remove something random I will regret later.. ^^
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