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Are rankings harder now?

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I haven't played MM in 2 years but I used to be diamond when the game first came out. I'm wondering if rankings are harder now that less people play the game so there are less people at the top etc.

Or is it that I need to brush up on my micro?
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I respectfully disagree with Dracul. I think that as a whole the player base has gotten more skilled, both due to casuals drifting away and those who remain practicing a lot. I've heard it said "gold now, Masters 2 years ago". I haven't been playing long enough to know the validity of that statment, though.

Dracul may be refering to the ladder problems from several months ago, when silver was swollen with plat, diamond, and masters players. That issue has been resolved for quite some time, though. Welcome back; I hope you get your old rank back soon :-)
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Like h*ll its been fixed, maybe a slight tweak in 1v1 but the other leagues are completely stuffed at the moment.

Until they stop MMR decay and unranked players smurfing it will remain cr*p - I repeat, don't waste your time, find another game coded and maintained by a company that actually cares about players who are not pros
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Perhaps I am just fortunate to only play against players of my approximate skill level, then. Also, I don't play team games too often, so it is possible the ladder issues are more prevalent there.

While it is true that they removed mid-season demotions, this just means that league is no longer a direct indicator of MMR. For example, I could get placed in plat, lose every game that season, and end up playing versus silver/bronze players, and my league icon would still be plat. It is (arguably) not a flaw of the ladder system, as I am playing players of approximately my MMR. However, since I cannot get demoted, the silver/bronze players will say "why am I playing a plat player? The ladder must be broken!" When in reality, in the past the I would have been demoted, but am now unable to be.

I am in gold league, and I play diamonds sometimes. When I look at their match history, it is usually after a severe losing streak.

Like I said, though, I don't play team games often, so it is entirely possible that the ladder system there is messed up; I honestly don't know.

As for MMR decay, if you don't play for 2 weeks straight, your MMR decays slightly (the equivalent of losing 3 games or so). It really only becomes an issue, I suspect, if someone doesn't play for a whole season; their MMR get's reset, whereas it is unlikely that their skill has deteriorated completely.
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04/08/2014 08:51 PMPosted by AlphaPancake
when silver was swollen with plat, diamond, and masters players. That issue has been resolved
idk about that bruh
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Well, while I stick to my guns about 1 v 1's (at least where I am in gold league), I agree with Dracul about the wacky ladder in team games; I was just put in a match with Root's Caliber, rank 1 master, 6 time grandmaster in 1 v 1, lol.
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04/09/2014 04:58 PMPosted by AlphaPancake
I agree with Dracul about the wacky ladder

Wacky is certainly one way to describe it - completely off-putting to the social casual player who has no desire to devote their life to the pointless pursuit of excellence in a leisure activity is another.
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Yes, matchmaking is quite a bit tougher than it used to be.
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Maybe I'm lucky or something, but i have not had any of the problems this thread has referred too.

I've been off racing as Terran on the NA server for a couple of weeks now, after not playing for a year. My win/loss ratio is greater than 50/50, I don't know it exactly because I'm playing unranked.

After not playing as Terran since the WoL launch I think Silver league is pretty respectable, I'm just a little bit surprised I'm not playing people from a higher league with this W/L ratio.

So I'm thinking maybe the problem is that people are being de moted and theyre having trouble getting back to there leagues. I should be playing Gold league players by now. It's certainly not because I'm awesome, I was a Platinum Zerg player who peaked playing mid Diamond before real life got in the way.

The only way I can see to fix this is to scrap all but GM league and display peoples MMR instead. It would make more sense to do this after 2/3rd's of the players 2 years ago have stopped playing regularly and theyve messed up their solution completely with stopping league demotions mid season.
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04/15/2014 12:18 PMPosted by Protagonist
I think Silver league is pretty respectable

Really - how nice for you - the rest of us get roflstomped virtually every game.
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