Looking for old LOTR LA players!

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Hi, I'm trying to find some old friends from brood war who used to play the excellent UMS map LOTR Last Alliance. LOTR LA was BY FAR the most balanced LOTR map about, was brilliantly designed and was played to an extremely high standard by many people. I liked a lot of the other LOTR maps but really nothing came close to the LA's excellent design and balance. There is an SC2 version of this, but there are some differences which affect the balance and its near impossible to get a game going.

I would love to play this map again some time on Brood War. If you were a member of the Numenor community on Brood War chances are you know me. My original username was LoR-Melkor, later as part of the Numenor community I was known as EternalYak. Its a long long shot but hoping I can hook up with some of the old team for a game some time :)

Some players I'm looking for in particular:

Ragnorak - Rag you were the best Mordor player about, taught me well to the point I considered myself the second best Mordor player about :) I miss playing Angmar in private matches with you leading as Mordor.

Hell-Razor - HR you crack-fiend (not literally it was a little joke of ours) you were one funny guy and an excellent player. If you're out there get in contact yo.

Eldalie - One of the best if not the best Elven player, you were essential for a fair game when Rag and I were on the evil team :D

Its been so long so I have trouble remembering many of the players. There were many great players. If you were part of the Numenor community, or just remember me from back then send me a PM. I'd like to get in contact with as many old LA players as possible so we can get a good game going some time. Would be legendary.
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I can't speak for that community, nor can I say that I ever enjoyed the map, but that was just my personal opinion. If you happened to enjoy the map, then more power to you. Personally, I dabbled in LotR maps on SC1, but my own lack of skill kept me from diving into them completely.

On SC2, if you want to find other players willing to play LotR and LotR-ish maps, your best bet would be the chat channel "lotr" (not a group or clan, but a simple chat channel). It's not exactly a booming community numbering in the hundreds, but there is a fair supply of good players and maps, including a few remakes of SC1 maps and a number of newer versions that take advantage of the Galaxy Editor's flexibility. I made a number of those maps myself (of varying quality and style of play; if you don't like one of them, you can try another option or leave a review on the map), as well as a remake of Rise of Sauron from SC1. Last Alliance isn't especially popular in the channel, but with a little persistence you can probably get some games going.

Best of luck with finding other people you know, and welcome to SC2!

PS: If you see any of your friends on SC1, can you point them to the channel, please? New players are always welcome, especially skilled and knowledgeable ones.
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Old post, but Idc.

I used to play in the original Lotr community, before brood war's "newer" version of LOTR LA, which actually wasn't as balanced as the original version on regular SC1, and not played as much either.

I was "Jack-Aubrey" on USWest/East.
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I remember playing with you and all the people you listed in your post. I went by a few handles, but you might know me by Mrs.Doubtfire, GgG-Truls.Rohk, PyroArtisan, or 289.

I just randomly thought of this game today, ran a google search and here I am.

I would buy a stand-alone version of LotR LA.
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I was old school numenor, MiS-WArriOR, played with Pendragon-stk,Ultros,Darklord any many more.

Do people even play UMS anymore on broodwars>?
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Do people even play UMS anymore on broodwars>?

I don't know, since I haven't played Brood War in years. After a few years of SC2, it's just too hard for me to adjust to some of the more irritating aspects (especially that 12-unit selection limit).

The LotR community on SC2 is still alive, though, and with even more maps to choose from. It's still using the same chat channel "lotr", although regrettably the community hasn't grown all that much over the last year.
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