Suggestions on how to improve Starcraft II.

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Hello everyone, this post will people about suggestions in ways in which blizzard, and the community can improve Starcraft II. This post will be opinionated, and biased (though I will try not to bias towards one race). I will respect everyone's opinions here, and only ask that you do as well. In addition if you disagree with someone's suggestion please leave a constructive argument on why you disagree, you should be collaborating, not trying to win.

My first suggestion is directed towards Blizzard. It would be beneficial to Starcraft II if they introduced a micro-transaction system. There should be skins, decals, and portraits in which can be purchased through both micro-transaction (1-2 dollars per skin, or portrait etc,) and through an in-game currency. (5500 minerals). You would be awarded 150 minerals per win that you get one the ladder (ranked and unranked, or in the in game tournaments (mentioned later). If they added 4-5 skins per unit, around 50 decals, and 100 portraits the game will have more funding to accomplish it's goals. I also believe that a recruit a friend bonus, that awards minerals, or micro-exchange currency would be beneficial to Starcraft as a whole.

Several Blizzard employees have said that they will not be adding in large amounts of skins due to it using additional memory, my suggestion is to do the following. Have a new tab in the settings called skins, where you can enable/disable specific skins, or all skins client side. This will help users with lower end computers.

I believe the first suggestion on it's own would encourage smurfing, and so I have come up with an idea to help prevent smurfing, in which instead of being awarded just 150 minerals per win, you are awarded 150 minerals multiplied by your fortune. Your fortune would start and cap at 100%, however every loss that you have reduces it by 5%, and every win increases it by 5%. This will help to discourage smurfing by implementing a minor incentive to avoid loss.

Moving on to my second suggestion. My second suggestion is to introduce an in-game tournament system, both ranked and unranked. The unranked one would be free to enter, have no prize money, and would just introduce players to the tournament format. Whereas the ranked version would cost 1-5 dollars to enter, and the prize money is equal to half of the total entry fee (the combined expense of all the people who entered) For example if one hundred people enter, at one dollar a person the prize pool would be $50.00, and Blizzard would keep the other 50 dollars to help them fund for additional projects.

My third suggestion is one that is very opinionated, and may be disagreed on. I believe that the damage of all units should be toned down, to make the game more friendly towards newer players. Instead of buffing the damage that units have, I believe that they should ether nerf the damage that other units are causing, or buff the health of that unit. I also believe that balance wise it makes a lot of sense to introduce few additional properties (such as massive, armored, or biological.) These properties would be Zerg, Protoss, and Terran. This will make it easier to directly target a match-ups balance problems without harming other match-ups. For example if high templar were over-performing vs zerg they could change it to read: Deals 80 damage over three seconds, or 60 damage over three seconds to zerg units. (Not saying that high templar are over preforming it was just an example.)

My forth suggestion is another that many may disagree with. I believe that a new unit should be added every 3 months or so for every race, (in between they would be balance tested) this would open up a near-endless growing set of builds for every race. The risk for this is effecting balance too much, and so the units would have to be testing carefully between, the other risk is that their will be too many units one day causing players to feel overwhelmed. So I believe they also should occasionally remove units (most likely one's that were added).

My fifth suggestion is to get the community more involved, allow us to volunteer to help with projects. I may not be a coding wiz, but I would be willing to help in anyway I can for free. I am certain that there are others out their just like me.

Finally my sixth and final suggestion for Blizzard (I also have some suggestions for the community) is to have a twitch screen, where people can view twitch channels and set up a twitch channel to be shown their. As well as offering some in-game rewards such as special skins for reaching x amount of viewer-hours on twitch. For example a special marine skin for reaching 100,000 hours of viewer hours. (Number of hours streamed multiplied by number of viewers). I believe that if blizzard were to introduce all of these suggestions Starcraft will grow drastically, and hopefully become one of the most viewed games on Twitch.
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I decided that my first post was getting too long, and so I decided to break up the second part here, this part will be much shorter. These are my suggestions to the community as a whole.

My first suggestion is to get your friends involved, tell them that this is a cool game and get them to, at the very least download the trial of the game. The game is much more fun if you can play it with friends, and it will help Blizzard, and Starcraft as a whole out.

My second suggestion is to be more mannered and a more positive community, instead of raging over balance and lashing out at your opponent you should just type gl hf, and at the end of the game gg. This will make the game a more positive experience for everyone and will make the Starcraft community look better as a whole.

My third suggestion is to volunteer to help new players learn the mechanics of the game, and how to improve. This is especially true for the more experienced players, even if you aren't the best however you can still likely teach the person something they did not know before.

My forth and final suggestion is to watch streams, it helps advertise Starcraft, helps you by getting to see more strategies, helps the pros by generating revenue for them (so long as you don't use ad-block). and it helps the game grow by having more people get to see how awesome of a game Starcraft really is.

If you have any feedback please ether message me in game at IMoGsPRIME 881 on North America, or leave a forum post replying to this. I appreciate constructive feedback.
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The most important thing would be an aggressive redisgn of most of protoss' units. The game is totally imbalanced at the moment.

The worst thing is that Blizzard denies this. Thanks for completely destroying an awesome game with a really bad addon.
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I personally disagree with that statement. I am not certain, but I believe that protoss current win rate is ~50%. They just seem very powerful since their units do so much damage, and have the most health. This comes at the price of mobility and re-max speeds however.
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I do not agree with this statement either. Everyone is complaining that Protoss is OP, but it is not. True as zerg it is annoying to deal with, but once you learn how to deal with them Protoss is cake. The game is pretty balanced right now, except possibly for high level terran.

If you see blink all in prepare, scout you have the reaper. Learn to use control groups,etc.
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I would like to keep this from becoming a topic regarding balance, this is in the Multiplayer and Esports section, not the balance section.
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04/22/2014 10:22 AMPosted by IMoGsPRIME
My first suggestion is to get your friends involved, tell them that this is a cool game

why bother - I try already with friends (all definitely casual bronze players) and we get repeatedly hammered by mismatched teams. There's no point until they fix the matchmaking.
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