I'm looking for a team of people to help me create a tactical AI. At the moment it is only focused on using units it is given to accomplish tasks given to it such as attack, defend and harass. It does not build units it only controls them. However I am writting it in such a way that it can be combined with a macroing AI to create a fully functional AI.

The AI will split it's forces into divisions depending on a given situation. Each divission has it's own behavioural patterns and is divided into a number of squads of about 10 units each. The divisions being army (attacking force), homeland security (defending force), reinforcements, scouts and special forces (harassing units).

So far I have already writtin the structure of the AI and the harassing part. If you would like to see how good the AI is at harassment then look for the map "ASALT heavy rain" on the NA server in custom games (NOT arcade). set up 2 - 4 bases and a few production buildings and then type "ai x" where x is the number of squads you want the AI to control.

You will see that the AI is competent at being able to use guerilla tactics like hit and run, picking off units, utilizing sneaky spells like cloaking, evasive manouvers like blinking and other such abilities. All while following relatively "simple" rules which converge into complex behaviour.

experience with the trigger editor not required, it's easy to pick up and I don't mind holding your hand through the scary parts. But You would have to have some coding experience and be familiar with variables, arrays, functions, structs/objects, etc.

I already have one interested party, looking for more members.

If you have general experience with programming in any language, an interest in artificial intelligences, or a love of strategy then hit the reply button!