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Tournaments being unbalanced!

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I feel that both players in a 1v1 at tournaments should play on each side of the map at least once(like if one starts at the bottom left and the other starts on the top right, they should switch position in the same map on their next game) cause mousing up is easier than mousing down for the human body. This is why tournaments are unbalanced cause they don't have players play on both sides at least once in every map that they play. Like in basketball and football, it's more fair cause both teams gets to play each side once. StarCraft on the other hand, doesn't do that, probably cause they haven't come to this idea or agreed upon it, they need to have both players play each side of the map at least once because the mousing is different, and the difference is much huger than basketball and football.

I understand that there's no option for you to chose sides on a map but they really need to make this option available. :) Thank you for your time.
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God this would suck! Tournaments would take twice as long. And (assuming that the difference is big enough to throw a whole game versus the damage of a bad engagement) it would still favor whoever got the 'better' side first. I honestly don't think the difference is that big.
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There is no actual difference. Mousing up / down, !%%#!%##%? Good players use hotkeys or click the minimap, you use the mouse scroll only for slightly changing the position via wheelclick.
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And what if one of the players is left-handed? Shouldn't we then, cater to his needs too? What if one of them is suffering from CTS? Shouldn't we account for that...he's in pain, is he not?

What if one of the players agrees with you, but in reverse, due to how the muscles in his arms are conditioned? Shouldn't we accommodate him too, then?

And it just goes on and on and on. Give an inch and you'll be forced to give a mile.
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