The Dark One

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-Father, why space marines still carry a combat knife in their loadout? I cannot imagine neither me stabing a zergling - the weakest zerg of all - nor a more useless weapon.
-Very simply, to cut their necks when they are doomed.

(A famous dialogue used to instruct military men)

Isaura was waking her way down the isolated roads of the Backwater Station, where a famous battle took place years ago. A place, famous for being the first place the xenomorphs known as "zerg" where first seen. In fact, the very first name they received was "zurg"; for unknown reasons their official name became zerg, as we all known them now-a-days.
She was waking in swift pace, for obvious reasons, it was the last day she had to pay the taxes of her house. Should she arrive late at the bank, an ammount of credits will be added to the fee. Her family was in no mood of loosing money, as one could imagine.
She glimpsed the moonrise and she knew what it meant, even if she runned all the distance, she never made it in time, so she had only one option: to take the shortcut crossing the cemetery, a way though in a straight line avoided by her neighbours. In the town of Isaura, almost all people were believers, it was said the wraiths of the dead (not the sort of Dominion spaceships, but the spirit of dead people in the form of walking souls, who had scores to settle in their previous lives ) in battle still wandered the cemetery, and their presence was even stronger at night. But she had no other option, she resolved to walk head on, no mather what.

When she was at 100 metres of the gates if the cemetery, her fear grow, to the point of hinder her own actions, but suddenly she saw a man approaching the gates and she felt relaxed, all of a sudden - for pun's sake - she rushed to him and asked

-Please sir, would you join me in my walk across the cemetery? it is very difficult to a girl of my age to admit I am afraid of wraiths, but in need to reach the bank in time
-Of course my dear, I shall gladly accompany you
-Oh many thanks good sir.

When they were walking, a profound silence drop upon them, so she tried an icebreaker to start a conversation.

-Sir, let me ask you something odd, in the context of our not less odd meeting are you not afraid of wraiths?
-Not anymore, I was scared of them once, but that was years ago. To be precise, when I was living.
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Pelase, forgive my mistakes. English is not my mother tongue.

And the thing about "zurg" was a reference to the Alpha version of the old StarCraft. I saw that in a video of late 1996.

Any spelling correction would be welcomed, and I'll edit it ASAP :)
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Interesting concept.
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Please continue, you have my support.

PS your English is great :)
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There is only the occasional syntax error, and I have (depressingly) seen much, much worse from native speakers.

In other words, what he said.
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