Hi folks.

As we all know, the color selection within SC2 is extremely limited. In the lobby, we can only select from the basic colors (Red, Blue, Green, Teal, Purple, Orange, Pink, Yellow) - and strangely, ONLY on 8 player maps are those additional colors (Light X, Dark X, etc) available for selection.

Is there a way to enable all of the colors always available via the Data Editor for use within a Mod Extension? For example, on a 1v1 map, I might like to play as Dark Grey or Light Green.

Also, is there a way to add custom colors of our own? I find it ridiculous that we have 3 Greens but only 1 Red. If there is some sort of RGB interface for setting numerical values to colors, then we would be able to add whatever colors we so desire for selection within the lobby. I do not want to edit existing colors, mind you. I dont want to change Orange to Dark Red. I'd rather have all of the colors we currently have, plus adding more for user selection.

Is any of this possible?

Through Gameplay Data > Default SC2 Gameplay Settings, you are able to enable all of the colors currently in SC2, including White and the 8-player-map colors by setting the 'required players' count to zero.

However, there still appears to be no way to add custom colors of your own, such as through a RGB interface (255,0,0 being pure red, for example). The listed colors are all of the ones currently available in SC2 but the option to click the + button in the field is greyed out and cannot be done. Also, when clicking on an existing parameter, such as Green, there is no option to edit the color itself. The Diffuse and Emissive fields can each be customized with an XYZW numerical, and the line 'Green' can simply be set to Color 1-15.

However, as I said, there still seems to be no way to actually make a new color and insert it as an option, unless it has something to do with the XYZW fields, which change with each color already listed.

Green, for example, is X : 0.09, Y : 0.5, Z : 0.0, W : 1.0

But this doesnt seem to have anything to do with the RGB definition of color.

Editing the X, Y, Z and W numericals for each color, both Diffuse and Emissive, in Gameplay Data > Default SC2 Gameplay Settings > Team Colors doesnt actually seem to do anything at all.

Also, colors such as Red, have a 'required players' count of 0. Since you can choose this color in any game. Colors like Light Grey or Light Green have a 'required players' count of 8, since you can only choose this color on 8 player maps. I tried setting all of these 'required players' numbers to 0, hoping that you would simply be able to select Light Green on a 1v1 map for example.

Didnt work. Damnit Editor.

All I want is additional colors to choose in the lobby. Blagh. I know this can be done, because other Mod Extensions have added stuff you can choose in the lobby screen, such as AI configurations, additional options on the left hand side of the screen and whatnot. Having more colors to choose from seems like something that should be so simple, but its proving enormously difficult.

I do not want to do this with triggers or scripts. The idea is that you choose a skirmish map, then select my mod Extension like you do normally when hosting a game. When in the match lobby and you pick your race / color, I simply want more colors available for selection.

Thanks in advance for any advice or help on this matter.