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still a WIP working out another ability or two.

Name: Kiala 'Kia or Kya' Xern
Race: Mozan
Appearance: She stands at 5'9" tall and is quite cute. Her frame is relatively thin and boyish but with a hint of femininity. She has small but perky breasts and a very lithe frame. Her most striking feature though is her bright pink hair and fur with deep purple streaks that is her natural hair color.
L-10 Valitan: Assault rifle that can be set to burst, semi-auto and full-auto fire modes. Fires medium sized rounds with a decent sized clip.
S.A.P.D. Rifle(only kept for emergencies and otherwise locked away)
Twin Cold Plasma War-axes:
High-grade Engineering Omni-tool
Various other engineering tools and equipment
Two Tier 'Qucinrir' light and medium-heavy engineers armor: equipped with high grade engineering tech.
>'Tier 1': lower light tier is used mainly for more precise engineering and piloting. Sometimes also used for stealth operations.
>'Tier 2': Outer medium-heavy tier of armor is more for open combat and less delicate engineering operations. When not in use the outer shell can be stored either in a standard armor station or as a backpack of sorts on the tier 1 armor.
the helmet for both is more like a mix of: and
Abilites: Pilot(Passive)-trained to pilot/drive pretty much every vehicle and ship made by terrans.
Remote hack-Uses Omni-tool and mini-drones to hack into and remotely control enemy vehicles and computer systems temporarily. Can possibly be used to disable entire bases if she can get to the main command center without raising alarms. Possibility of disabling enemy medium and heavy infantry armors in a straight up fight but low chance.
Elite's Fury-Goes into a massive berzerker style rage, only while wearing tier two armor, and lunges head first into the enemy drawing fire and attention. The suit goes into overdrive repairing damage to the armor itself and boosting shield generator power enough that it could take two siege tank blasts simultaneously before dropping. Her war-axes also warp into slightly larger versions to deal more damage. After use it renders the tier two suit and war-axes unusable for a moderate time as she and the suit rest/recharge.
Plasma Shield(passive)-Both tiers generate a cyclonic and static plasma shield. The second tier armor's shield can take a direct siege tank blast before it drops with a moderate cooldown before it returns. The tier one shield can take about 1/2 of the direct blast while redirecting most of what's left.

Form-change-(do I really have to explain this by now?)
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Heh, I knew you'd go halo for a helmet design.

I will accept when you add the abilities. Thank you for applying :P
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how many abilities are we allowed at start?
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About 4
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Okay accepted.
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Is your char new to the team or not?
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no. I'm really busy irl so will try to come up with a backstory as I can but no promises for another 3 weeks roughly ... Kiala will likely be a bit of a recluse but sociable enough.
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