Quite confused due installation of HotS

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Hello there, this is as of now my first post in the community. I guess I should introduce myself but I will save those for later. I know it's kind of rude, but I have had a problem the whole day and it has shortened my patience a lot. However, I am not here to rage on all of you if that's what you have in mind.

Anyways, I am here to ask for some help from the community, or anyone who knows about this issue.

The former issue:
After I formatted my pc, I wanted to install WoL and HotS again, to play it. The first time I installed HotS it did only download 2gb worth of updates. Which is cool, I can deal with that, but the issue is here. After a looooooong while, I formatted my pc again, and after installing WoL and trying to install HotS, I realized it doesn't read the disc from Hots no more (I am 70% sure it did the first time after formatting) and no, I don't mean as in the disc is damaged it doesn't read it anymore, the disc is as new. What I mean is that it doesn't even attempt to install any files from it, it directly wants me to download the whole HotS again.
It's not the regular 2gb I had to download after installing it, and yes I am aware there were update patches, but none of them adds up 7 gb. Is there some step I am kinda forgetting to do because of a momentum of retardedness that I am going trough, or did something change?
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Hello Deathscythe, I know it does seem confusing, but we've streamlined the process, and if you let it patch up all the way, there's no need to install HotS from disc. I can see you have HotS on your Battle.net account, so once you're all patched up, you should be good to go, with all of the content through HotS.

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Well alright. I guess I can go with that. Just a small question about this though. Shouldn't it install the HotS till the point it's done with all the info that is in the disk, and then ask me to update it instead of asking me to download the whole thing again?

That's what is kinda getting me from all of this. I don't quite get that right. If you could please, enlighten me somehow about that, I would appreciate that. Also, sorry for my slowness, since English isn't quite my main language, but what do you exactly mean with "we've streamlined the process"? Do you mean you changed it so it is only download now? Or something else I didn't understand lol?
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05/28/2014 05:09 PMPosted by Deathscythe
Shouldn't it install the HotS till the point it's done with all the info that is in the disk, and then ask me to update it instead of asking me to download the whole thing again?

If should, and if it has to re-download things over and over again, there's probably a permissions issue with Windows. In this case, you can try running StarCraft II as an Administrator, and try running StarCraft II on another User Account in Windows.

What I meant by streamlined is that if you've been playing recently, and then you buy HotS, you don't actually have to install HotS. It's been installed already from the latest patches. You just need to upgrade your account or activate HotS on your account with the CD Key.
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