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Expanding the Arcade- Some suggestions.

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Posted in General Forums but got no bites. I think these are good suggestions for the expansion of the Arcade, which some people put their heart and soul into. Such effort should be rewarded.

In WC3/SC you could 'advertise' the game you were playing- "DotA AREM noobs" "Gem TD XR Race" "Eeve! TD, a fun new TD!" and so on. When you had a new game people didn't know about, you could inform them. "Lurker Elements, a TD but with lurkers!".

With this new system the information is a click away- but a click is too much for most people. They want their game, and they want it NOW! no thinking, no clicking.

I know that the 'let us choose lobby names' has been presented before. It really needs to be implemented. For the sake of the arcade.

Another problem is that current games have evolved from old WC3/SC games; the moba generation and TDs like "orcs must die". With these new games it becomes less enticing to load up SC2 THEN load up a game, if you can find one that isn't represented outside of the SC2 engine. If it is possible, setting up the arcade directly from the B-net launcher would be an amazing addition to the experience and would streamline things. I'd say that if that were possible, the Arcade would become more popular than WC3/SC custom games ever were.

Think! A host of games, right from the launcher! the developers would see more attention to their games, encouraging more work on them, more updates. The players would have an easier time getting into games.

Another thing that might be useful to maps (I don't know if it's possible or already done) is if ONLY used assets were loaded- I.E. if there is no mutalisk possible to produce in a map the resources for mutalisks would not be loaded. If all possible assets were designated by the mapmaker, there would be no extra work done by the computers to load unneeded models et al.

Another addition that could be nice is seeing how many players are in a given 'open game'- how many times have I been stuck with needing one more! Or perhaps the host can add an icon to the game when only one more player is needed?
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All pretty cool ideas. Who knows if they'll ever happen though.
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