Swarm host Muta deathball

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Lately I have been losing one-sidedly to this zerg unit composition. As a terran player, I gave up on bio a long time ago, as it requires very high apm and multitasking to be any good. So I had played successfully as mech, until I reached platinum league. The reason this army composition is so OP is that swarm hosts deal so much army to the terran army, forcing you to build siege tanks an ravens. With the Mutas the zerg can just pick off tanks. There is no terran air unit that counters mutas. Mutas beat ravens, as they can easily dodge seeker missiles, and ravens cost a lot of money. Mutas also beat Vikings and battlecruisers. So as the terran you are forced to build thors to "counter" the mutas, which can be easily killed by the swarmhosts. Usually there is no way to really win in this scenario. The zerg army in this case requires far less apm, then the terran army which requires a lot of apm just to keep alive. This enables the zerg player to expand like crazy, and out macro and harass the terran player, slowly killing them. This is a fairly common strat at platinum league, and although I don't know how relavent it is at higher leauges, it's very annoying to play against. I would recommend I variety of buffs/nerfs to balance the game in this case. Buffing terran turrets which do almost nothing to mutas, buffing thor movement speed to better deal with mutas. Nerfing muta movement speed, and maybe even buffing Vikings slightly, to make them more viable vs mutas. Likewise swarmhosts seem just a little to strong, and if you don't build a bunch of siege tanks its automatic death. Hopefully you guys can give feedback about your experiences in this matchup.
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I think the issue is that you allow them to get swarm hosts and mutas. To get both of those units requires a crazy amount of resources. You need to do drops and eliminate the economy before swarm hosts are available. Its not the game that is imbalanced, it is that the mech army you are choosing to use clearly isn't viable to handle the composition the opponent is using. Try bio mine, sure it uses a lot of micro, but the more practice the better. its the best way to defeat mutas and keep zerg tied down at home defending.
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Zerg will open with either muta or swarmhosts, he doesn't have the money to effectively open both. If you see him try to open both, you'll just win with mech. If he opens muta, get mines to complement turret defense at home. If he opens swarmhost, do some hellion drops to harass his eco, and get your tank count up. I've seen some builds that use reactored hellions and switch the factory to a tech lab to get drilling claws and 2 or 3 tanks before swapping back to a reactor for mine production. Experiment. If he doesn't want roaches, blue flame hellions. If he wants roaches, it slows down his muta/sh production. Slow buys you time. Before those mutas can get to large numbers, try hellion drops.

Remember all of this is targeted toward a more effective mid game transition for you. If you lose late game, it's easily fixed by a better mid game setup. Scout his stepping stones (ie roach -> muta -> sh), and exploit it to force him to slow his teching. Like galloots said, muta sh is an expensive comp. Slow his income by forcing him to replace gas units like roaches, or killing drones.
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If you really wanna mech it happen:
  • Use hellions to slow down the creep early on. Do the 3 reaper 3 hellion if you want to put pressure on queens.
  • Force those damn lings or roaches early! You want him wasting his larvae on units. Never ever sit back and try outmacro a zerg.
  • Get the range upgrade for your turrets. Your bases should be covered with them given you should have spare minerals from a heavy gas composition. Don't be stingy with turrets! And don't forget to repair!
  • Have a few vikings to extend your range for your tanks against locusts. If mutas come close, kite back slightly into thor range.
  • Firebat drops are almost a must. Even if they don't do damage, the idea is to keep the mutas on the defensive while keeping a good eye on the enemy muta count.
  • Often, you'll need to manually target with thors for the aoe to take place
  • PDDs for the push. Thor count should easily zone out mutas heading your way.
  • You need to be building thors/tanks depending on their composition too..
  • Pick the right maps to mech, some maps just aren't suited at all!
  • Presuming you couldn't break the locust line and the game turns into a long game. From here, Zerg will try to force a lop-sided composition and beat you in the remax game. As the Terran, you will try to deny as much resource as possible with your units. That means, building excessive orbitals for mules, or planetaries for defense, throwing your scvs to free up army size.

    Watch some games by Flash and Ty. Though with mines coming back into the picture, I'd say bio mine is going to be way more effective. Ling bane muta shouldn't require as much Taeja style stutters or maru splits for terran to win the game.
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    its good against bio too because they can open muta ling bane then get swarm host muta mutas shut down drops pretty hard so it is an almost unwinnable situation maikng tvz not fun anymore for me anyway :(
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