2v2 pairing?

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Blizzard... real question.. how the heck is 2v2 random teams even made.... ive palyed 25 games (no jokes) and have only won 5 because every !@#$ing time i play random 2's.. i get a gold or worse... and the other team is always 2 plat or higher... usually 1plat 1 masters... how the %^-* can you guys make this game even more frustrating and ruin it more? fix this damn 2v2 !@#$ing situation
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So here is a key distinction to make. A person's 1v1 ranking does not directly translate to a person's team game skills. Here's why: In 1v1 you have one opponent and the better player wins the battle; however, in team games, 2 armies vs 1 usually will win out, even if the person with one army is the better player. Since it is hard to recover from losing your entire army, team games are centered around not losing your entire army. It is better to lose your expansion than futilely stand there while your army gets rolled and kills virtually nothing.

So with that being said, do you and your teammate coordinate? Are most of these losses due to you being rushed and losing? When you guys lose are your armies together?

If you find your army getting caught away from your teammate's often, then you guys may need to scout more to find where they are. I've known many diamond 1v1 players who were incompetent in team games, and I've known many silver/gold players who easily climb to masters in team games. Teams win when their armies are together.
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