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I couldn't find any threads about Mercy TD, so I thought I would make one.

Very similar to Wintermaul Wars, but it could use a lot of improvement.

-There should be a countdown timer whenever the game starts or for a rematch because many people aren't prepared when someone spams 10 mobs right when the game starts and then one or both sides will lose 15+ lives before they can get a tower up.

-One of the most frustrating things about this game is how you can spam unlimited amounts of one mob. There should be some kind of limit on how many mobs of the same type you can make because so many of my games would end when one side masses like 100 mutalisks at once or other air units. Also, sometimes when people spam low tier units, the game lags a lot due to 1000 scvs moving around.

-There doesn't seem to be any diminishing returns on buying more expensive mobs like other games involving making mobs and gaining income. All the mobs' cost to income ratio is 5:1, so once someone gets an income lead, they can maintain it forever while making the highest cost mobs.

-Towers that shoot ground and towers the shoot both ground and air should be on different upgrade paths. It's very annoying to upgrade existing towers into towers that just shoot ground when you are trying to prepare for air mobs.

Any other suggestions or discussion is welcomed and hopefully the map creator will see this thread.
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i keep getting dropped whenever i play this game, it isn't happening with other customs games either, anyone else experiencing this?
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This is a very good game overall, I would highly reccomend it to anyone, but there are a few things that I think need improvements:

Game Mechanics:
-Perhaps have it so that there are actual "Waves" of monsters, at the beginning of a wave you purchase towers and creeps, they then get placed and sent all at once, the wave then wouldn't be over until all the creeps were dead

-Most of the towers (at least for angels) have aoe (area of effect) this is a problem because it makes it easier than other td games to stop massive amounts of creeps, this in turn lowers the strategy of the game
-Most towers don't have different speacilties, other than what they target, it seems like a cherub tower is better than a holy servant tower on all counts, I think it would be better if a cherub tower for example had a faster firing rate than a holy servant tower, but did less damage. This would balance towers a little more, and add to the strategy of the game

-Like Rooster said, once you get an income lead, you usually keep it for the entire game
-One solution might be to have "farms" give you money instead of creeps, these farms would be buildings, wouldn't attack, and would give you a small ammount of income. This would prevent the neverending waves of really small creeps (I think I've gotten it so that I could send trains of immortals infinitely long)
-Another solution might be getting rid of the income thing altogether and instead have it so that when the creeps die, you get back 110% of the cost.

-There are just too many creeps to choose from, and like the towers, a worker is better than a bug on all counts, not on a specific attribute, It would greatly improve the game if certain creeps were faster than others but had less health or armor, etc.
-Like I mentioned in the economy section, you can literally get a train of creeps infinitely long, there should be a supply limit, possibly based off of the number of towers or previously mentioned "farms" you have.

Also, I believe Mercy's email is (it says while waiting for the game to start) It might be beneficial to email mercy about this forum.
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I also experience this dropping issue. Ill join the game, never lag the tiniest bit, and then suddenly recieve the message, " You Have Been Dropped!" and forced to quit.
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Does anybody know how to stop the getting dropped problem?
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12/24/2010 8:08 AMPosted by SubliMe
-Terrible tower balancing. This needs to be worked on a lot all around.

This, almost no replay value because of it =/
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I agree with you 100% rooster, but bluenova had some pretty weak ideas to be honest.. the farms for income go against the main strategy of a vsTD.

There is also a problem with the unit cap, I understand, lag and all, but to win, sometimes you gotta mass, and sometimes you gotta prepare for a mob... thats how it works, or else there would be a stalemate most he time. BUT - what rooster said, is to limit the # in each mob (I took that as in, each separate unit has it's own cooldown time, and stock.

Income - You should get a little less for higher cost units but not much, because that would result in bug/worker/blade spamming or whatever the case. Lag creator fa sho.

The towers seem to be relatively balanced to me, what are the issues with this? Just on the stronger towers? Each tower/race is better with different maze patterns, upgraded tower placement in the maze, and overall placement of maze structure on the map...
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In relation to the dropping issue..I've tried to keep track of what things may trigger the sudden drops. It's hard to do so, given that drops occur with absolutely no lag at times, and there isnt even a waiting timer to drop a person; they just drop suddenly!
So I began to notice that I would get more consistently dropped when trying to upgrade multiple towers at once, usually in the case of upgrading many basic level towers at once (demon ones in my case as I always play demon).
It seems almost certain to me that there is a cause-effect relationship. I would upgrade multiple towers and as soon as that upgrade progress bar reached the end for the towers, I would be dropped instantly. I've repeated this multiple times, with the same exact timing of dropping occurring right as the upgrading would finish for multiple towers.
So why are people getting dropped who are just sitting there doing nothing? Well, while I cannot look around the map once I am dropped, I would speculate that, perhaps, other people are upgrading their towers all at once and that doing so causes a bug of some kind to affect other players. It has not been uncommon for me to see multiple people dropped at once after all, so there is some issue that is surely an issue of the map itself and not just two people who happen to have crappy computers who happen to drop at the same exact moment.

I've emailed my thoughts to that email address given along with the map, but I have received no response and there seems to be no indication that the map designer(s) care or know what to do. Either way it's freaking annoying.
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From what I've gathered, it is also common to Mac players to have that dropping glitch. I've seen Mac-specific glitches before. Perhaps it may be that?
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The dropping glitch is happening and has been happening to me as well for the past few months. I have an old Macbook Pro with the core 2 duo and I always get dropped between the 12:00 and 20:00 of the game time. Sometimes I get dropped at 12:00 exactly.

TKD you have an interesting theory and I am going to test it out for myself.
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When i play this game i often will randomly get dropped. No lag, but mid match it just ends. I believe it might be a mac-related glitch. Please look into this as it is very annoying
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I have one major issue concerning tower balancing with demons. The final, ulti tower for demon only does 1 damage to the final amored siege breaker, as the armor was greater then the damage. This resulted in for 1/2 and hour 10 ulti towers tried to kill this unit.
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not enough races to even make it worth playing over and over.
i agree with rooster that it should have different tech paths. but id like the game to stay like wmw as much as possible because that was a great game.
higher level units should create more income not less. even if i have 10k i get the same amount of income if i spam larva rather than final level units.
im waiting for a patch for this game but i havent seen one yet and its been quite awhile
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Major problems i have:

Angels. Their first 2 holy servants have no chance at holding off the first waves of bugs. This generally results in 5-8 lives down the drain if the whole team was stupid enough to go Angel.

Humans. Their last people have almost no chance at beating the highest level creeps. Generals are fairly poor on most counts in later stages of the game - much better to mass gods or lucifers.

Demons. This race is probably the best, a wide variety of abilities in units (ex. imps half armor, succubus stop units, etc.) but it is totally underused - everyone seems to go angel when i play. As previously noted, this usually causes collateral damage and grief. Demons are really the only ones worth playing.

A really good strat is for side people to be demon/human and maze while the center (pref. angel) churns out creeps. However, nobody seems to want to follow this great strategy and we wind up losing because other team is more coordinated.

As has been said, it's kind of silly that an eco lead will be maintained the whole game.
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Demons are pretty good but as I've mentioned and no one seems to care about, LUCIFER(final tower) DEALS 1 DAMAGE TO THE SIEGE BREAKER(last armored unit)
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What is the prinicple behind the tower selling and money glitch?
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i think its great but Fahn is correct it sucks that the best unit deals one damage to siege breaker but like 50 to titans
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For demons, use the Imp to cut armor on armored units :P
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For demons, use the Imp to cut armor on armored units :P
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