Mass Void Rays

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Does no one else find this to be a -win- button?

I'm not saying the void ray is OP or IMBA or w/e crazy slang you kids are throwing around while doing meth are your crazy disco rave parties.

All I'm saying is, X > ~20 voids rays is practically unstoppable.

Sure, "letting" your opponent hit that number is perhaps your fault, but in team games it seems to happen frequently enough despite my best efforts.
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Yeah when the toss have a critical mass of rays they become hard to stop by small ground units, since they die before they get in range. As a zerg i can tell that mutas are pretty good against them.
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Don't let them mass up? Or get mutas / Vikings (and or marines) / Stalkers (or just more VR's)

Or, in team games, get an AT going and know how to stop the VR's.
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"Don't let them mass up?"

You clearly don't excel at reading comprehension, huh?

As previously stated:
"Sure, "letting" your opponent hit that number is perhaps your fault, but in team games it seems to happen frequently enough despite my best efforts."

Please read what people type before failing at smart*** remarks.
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I'm sorry, I was in a bit of a rush, and I wasn't reading your post word for word, I just skimmed.

Don't flame bro, just trying to help.

I know puberty is hard.

And, I believe you need to get some friends to do some AT with, like I stated in my earlier post.

Or maybe don't play team games at all?

And also, when I say don't let them mass up, I mean harass. (Not sure if you know what that means though...)
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mass your own vikings that much? you can easily get 20+ vikings before he has 20+ voids, even if you scout late.
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Such large assumptions from such a small mind.
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void rays are easy to kill.
Heck, by the time they have 20 void rays you could easily have a huge number of any one of the following counters:



blink stalkers
move void rays than him

Keep in mind that, obviously if they go straight for 20 void rays, and you go straight for 20 tanks without scouting at all, He will win. So you will have to scout him early enough to not fall too far behind, or play aggressive...
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Team game? Archon toilet.
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Posted by PlayerOne
Don't let them mass up?"

I'm asking myself right now: he's base is filled with cannons all over the place and some Zealots and he's building his first Ray around 6 minutes of game expecting no less than 8 rays before attacking; he scouted you down and knows exactly what you are doing. What should you do? kamikaze attack to try to kill the rays? it would be easier if you kamikaze to destroy hes whole base...
BTW which number of anti rays (Stalkers, hydras and/or Vikings) should you have per EACH ray?
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Read The Lord of the rings and check how they stop Nazgul. It might help you.
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At least in noob league, they often put blocks/cannons at their ramp but not near their minerals, so try hitting their supply line with a medivac full of mm early on. That's what I do. If it's still the first 8 minutes and they have enough people to defend then don't worry about void rays quite yet. Try taking things out with siege tanks. If they have enough to defend and are still pumping out void rays then you need to take a serious look at your micro/macro, they are much better at one of them than you are.
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Just don't play team games if you can't handle the fact that balance is made for 1v1.
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I recently played a game where at my first probing attack he had a bunch of cannons at the door. So i mass an mm ball and go through the back door. I scaned his base and didn't see anything out of the ordinary. When i break down the back door i see a whole bunch of stargates tucked neatly in the corner away from normal scan areas. While i managed to destroy most of them there was no way i was going to win because that was basicly all he made. My fault for not scanning well enough but had i seen them i still would have been so far behind that i wouldn't have been able to catch up. People who do that stuff have no real stratagy and they think that the easy win will propel them into diamond. But it's like kissing your sister because they still have no real stratagy. So i just quit and move on to the next game and rag on myself for not scanning well enough. Sometimes there isn't much you can do. Just try and learn from it and attack early when playing protoss.
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20 vikings destroy 20 void rays without a scratch.
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12/27/2010 2:26 AMPosted by BDiego
20 vikings destroy 20 void rays without a scratch.

Not sure about that. Maybe 40 vikings but not 20 since voids cost double the price of vikings. 20 charged voids are something you prefer to not have to deal with.
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It does seem like every other match I play vs. protoss, someone always ends up pulling out the cheese ray rush. I try to prep for it but once they reach a certain point there's not much you can do about it.

It also seems like EVERY team game I play has at least one protoss who just sits back and voids upwhile everyone else is duking it out. It sometimes becomes a matter of trying to delay the other side's allies long enough to make sure your protoss player finishes before theirs.
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The next patch should make it easier to deal with them since they are removing the flux vanes upgrade. But yeah, generally the solution is to not allow them to mass void rays in the first place.

For fun, here's an FFA I played in September where all three protoss went mass void rays and I was in a desperate struggle for survival with void rays up my ass from all of them. It was pretty epic. Fortunately I scouted all of them and saw that they were all going the same build, so I massed marines, vikings, thors, and ravens with seeker missles. Its pretty entertaining IMO, check it out if you're interested.
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The only people i know who crazy about mass voidrays are those who don't understand the concept of "focus firing."
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Zerg- Get some Hydras
Toss- Uh....
Terran- Vikings
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