Mass Void Rays

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mass ravens> mass voids mass vikings> mass rays
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Why is anyone talking to some1 who doesn't want to be helped?
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In Team games if your base is the first one to be hit by a mass of Void Rays, Run all your Workers away and all don't send your army in to get obliterated. Save as much as you can and keep yourself in the game. Let everyone on your team know they are there, some people are oblivious.

Try to establish a new expansion somewhere but keep your Workers safe until it finishes building.

You will likely lose most of your base or all of it, but that will give your Team time to build a counter and saving your workers will get you right back in the game.

If its a 3v3 or a 4v4, and one person went mass voids, that means it been 4v3 or 3v2 for a while and you should be ahead in the game if your team is any good.

I believe the term has been coined "Dying slowly" , it can be an amazing help in any team game.
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honestly u guys are all just B1tchin at void rays if you dont want protoss players to mass them then dont let themget to that stage of the game i dont mass void rays and still destroy zerg an terran armys
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Holy necros batman!

It's almost as if OpticsSCII was making a glib observation about how voidrays have always been a powerful unit.

A very. Powerful. Unit.
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