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Finish Up Other Mission Chains?

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I just beat the campaign and when I click on single player and click continue it gives me a list of missions I did and the other choices I could have took. However the chains I never completed are no where to be found. I didn't finish the Gabriel Tosh missions or the Matt Horner missions. Is there any way I can go back and play these without starting a new campaign and still have the credit for all nineteen missions I've completed thus far? What I mean to say is, is there any way to finish up these mission chains so I can do all 27 missions without going back to a earlier save before I did my char missions?
I want to keep my campaign and everything I've done so far just like it is, I would just like to be able to do those missions I missed while still retaining credit for all the missions I have done.

I am seeking to complete the chains I never did and just play those missions so I can get 27/27 missions completed. I really don't want to have to go back and start a new campaign just to finish up those mission chains.
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I REALLY want to know if you can do this BEFORE finishing the get more research points...
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Of course you can! I just opted not to and now I'm not sure if I'll have to start a new campaign just to finish up these mission chains with Gabriel Tosh and Matt Horner. Even if I did do this, I don't think I would be able to retain the credit I have for completing the the final missions. Unless, when I click "continue" under the single player tab it's directly tied to my account. I would just like to be able to do this mission chains without losing my progress or having to do some missions I've already did just to access these.
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Does anyone have any explanation for me on how all this works? Currently if I hit continue under single player it brings me to a list of missions I've completed and missions I didn't complete because I took the other choice. However, it'll still let me do the other choice now.
It says I've completed 19 missions out of 27. However, I can only see twenty two missions available to me through the mission archives. The other five missions are the remaining Matt Horner and Gabriel Tosh missions. Is there any way for me to access these from the mission archives without starting over a new campaign?? I have better explained what I'm asking.
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