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[Spoilers] Tosh or Nova?

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So I love the fact we get an option but also hate it because I want to see it all!
Who did you choose and why? Has anyone done them both?

I'm curious, can I stay in the same campaign if I save, then pick one, go down that path, then open that save and go down the other path still able to get and keep the acheivments and do the hard modes? Or do I have to play the game twice? Does the choice change the whole rest of the story line or just that mission really?
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this one actually do a lil bit, if u pick tosh he will stay with you to the end. i picked him cuz they made nova ugly and spectors and pretty hax
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I haven't made it that far but I have heard that you can replay the other path through the mission archive.
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I don't know if you can play both by saving beforehand. However, I chose Nova and the ensuing mission and cutscene was the coolest thing I have encountered in SC2. Nova is my new favorite SC2 character and is truly a badass.

I'm now replaying the campaign to see what would have happened had I picked Tosh.
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Yes, you should be able to do it through the mission archive.

Making a savepoint right before the choice would also work, I'm fairly certain.

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Oh nice I didn't think about being able to check the other path in the mission archives! So I guess it doesn't really change the whole rest of the game then if you can do that?
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I picked tosh and he is one bad ass - he is like a DT cloaked forever and can cast mind blast which is similar to a psi storm...but i really wanted to see what would have happened if I picked nova as she is one of my favorite charaters
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I picked Nova because i was playing as Jim Raynor. I was not going to compromise the safety of colonies when i could just as easily have Ghost Operatives that wouldn't murder innocent civilians.
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I checked them both out both missions were cool but Tosh and his spectres are so much cooler and they are a little better than the ghosts when upgraded. Not to mention they just look sweet as hell.

Although I do kinda wish that the choices you made had more of an effect on the game. I mean sure Tosh either "disappears" or stays on the ship depending on what you do, but it would be nice to see either Nova or Tosh depending on which side you took with you at the final battle on Char
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The Specters are as prone to go bat @%!% insane as any in the Ghost Programs.

But Tosh is still bat!#%! insane and from a story standpoint I'd rather trust ghosts I've trained myself than ones under him.

Oh and about the permanent cloak thing, you can get that as an upgrade for regular ghosts too.
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It was nice to see them bring Nova back from her failed FPS. But I went with Tosh. Spectre>Ghosts.
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lol they should have had Nova's mission be a FPS as a joke
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tosh is so OP, you got to play that mission. it was one of my favourites
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I honestly only picked Nova because I thought she was hot.
Yeah, I'm a massive nerd.

Too people saying Tosh is OP, I haven't played him but Nova is pretty good too.

Perma cloak, Mind Control and a Nuke if you hack the nuclear silos, she can also snipe. Nothing costs energy except for the Mind Control so you can snipe all you want with a short cooldown.
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