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Heart of the Swarm?(spoilers)

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Zerg will probably be partially controlled by Kerrigan and there will be Zerg without a leader and possibly Zerg controlled by something else. It's obvious that there will be Zerg that fit partially into the "good" fold for Heart of the Swarm as hammy as it is. This was also true for Orcs in WC3.
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my question will be since Kerrigan is still part Zerg, will she still have the power to control some of the Zerg? If she does, Raynor will have a bigger chance at overthrowing Mengsk
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how do u know?
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Kerrigan =/= Arthas. Please cease this comparison, because other than a transition from Human to Zerg/Human to Undead, they don't have anything in common with one another, even through storytelling.

It's more likely that, if you're going for a WarCraft/StarCraft comparison, that the Zerg = the Undead Forsaken.

Both races are anti-hero races that look out primarily for themselves (and their allies; the Forsaken were the primary force that recruited the Blood Elves into the Horde, after all) and assimilate others, inadvertently bringing out the most peaceful solution to their respective series. However, because their methods are sometimes dangerous, they are seen as a threat by other people, even some of their own allies.

I gave up on WoW because of bad characters such as Garrosh Hellscream and Varian Wrynn essentially replacing half-decent characters from each respective faction (although I am more a fan of the Horde, the Alliance has a few good people in it, such as Marshal Windsor). No character replacement/derailment is seen in StarCraft 2, thus no reason to give up on it. I don't like how people insist on some of these comparisons, because most of them are often erroneous or only take into account one character aspect being applied to another without looking at the entire scope of each series.
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Anyone else notice that this thread is a year old? Nice going, Narutorival, bumping a thread well past its expiration date.
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The Zelnaga created the hybrids? Uh, why? We know the Zelnaga created the Protoss and the Zerg, based on the why would they create a hybrid when the plan is to just destroy the universe. What, exactly, are the Zelnaga anyways? Why does the hybrid controlling the zerg wipe out the protoss before the universe ends? I mean, isn't that a little redundant? "ooo, I'm going to kill you all, and then the universe is going to end a second later! But only if I kill you all!" What was controlling the Overmind that drove it to relentlessly attack the protoss? A Zelnaga? The courage of the Overmind? So the Overmind intentionally put itself into a position where it would die, so that the force controlling it couldn't control it anymore, but somehow whatever was mentally controlling the Overmind couldn't just mentally control the rest of the zerg and do the exact same thing anyways? So the Overmind created Kerrigan as the Queen of Blades so that she could control the zerg after it died, knowing that she was going to be reverted by the Zel Naga artifact which destroys all the zerg on a planet and purged the zerg infestation from her, but left her partially zerg? I really hope the story is clarified to actually make sense in the xpac.

Did any of you play the Secret mission? After you uploaded the transmissions to dam menkgse? Seems the terran created the hybrids and then Ranor set them lose.
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No, the hybrids existed before WoL. In a Brood War Mission, Zeratul find Duran making hybrids. Duran doesn't seem to be a member of any faction, although he is Human in appearance.
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And another Necro...
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Duran: shifty backstory. the 1st changeling.
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btw, the hyperion equivelant in heart of the swarm is a leviathan. (yes, there is another one, not just the one u killed in the campaign. According to lore, there was originally 800 of them, only a few survived after an accident.
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I don't think the Zerg destroyed the Xelanga exactly and in BW it hits that Duran was doing some weird experiments with Zerg/Protoss hybrids so maybe he made something beyond his control??? Idk I hope they explain
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