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02/04/2011 8:43 AMPosted by Redeemer

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Ok so to explain my situation, i have Map A (the only map) in version 2.0, using all normal dependancies. works perfectly.

i then make Mod B (only mod) and upload it to as v1.0, then use it in map A as a dependancies, works perfectly, so i save an close map A that is currently V2.0 using Mod B V1.0

I make some simple changes to Mod B (nothing major at all) an upload it to, i upload it as a minor change, an it changes it's version number from 1.0 to 1.1. seems harmless right? WRONG. from there everything messed up for map A, the editor can no longer load it because it's still trying to load Mod B version 1.0, but cannot find it, so the editor crashes, rendering my map broken an useless...

any way i could get a time frame on when this issue will be solved? im pretty much stuck in limbo until then, an i was really getting on a roll tonight with my map...
2.) OMG Sixen you have more posts here then on mapster
hi!! i can't get the editor to open. i am currently deleting then re installing starcraft. my editor crashes on start up and give me sum kind of computer code crap.
hi!! i can't get the editor to open. i am currently deleting then re installing starcraft. my editor crashes on start up and give me sum kind of computer code crap.<br/>help?
Can you post the crashlog and error message please? Create a new thread btw.
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The editor looks way too complex and confusing for me, I want StarEdit/WorldEdit!!!

Just relax! The only reason why the editor is so complex is because we have access to everything the game can touch. We can make any kinds of changes, literally everything is in our hands. Take a minute to look around, check out all the different Layers and Editors within GE and just sit back. The largest tutorial repository can be found on SC2Mapster:

Another very avid user, OneTwo, has been posting lots of video tutorials. You can see them on his YouTube channel:

Alternatively, you can join a lot of Map Devs who are willing to chat/answer questions on IRC, #sc2mapster.

<Tries doing it>

Nope, still want WorldEdit.
Coming right off StarEdit, the WorldEditor and GalaxyEditor both looked super complex to me, :P.
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Hey I'm having this odd issue with one of my melee maps, everytime a player tries to mine minerals the game kicks back that the unit is indistructable. My other maps work fine and I can't figure out what's so different about this one. Could you'll lend me a hand here?
To explain this better, it says that I can't target invunerable units when I try to mine minerals, but it lets me build an extractor and gather Vespine gas.

Nevermind I figured it out. The neutral player somhow managed to switch its control from nuetral to none under the player properties. Sorry to bother you.
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No bother at all, sorry I didn't respond... I totally forgot to check here, haha. Glad you figured it out though.
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Edited by Sixen on 3/6/2011 10:25 PM PST
Sixen -

Sent here by Archer in the Tech Support forums, so apologize for cross thread posting. Any time I have an auxiliary window open such as the player properties window when I click on something I get the standard Windows error "ding." The ding happens when I click on any of the players in the left pane of the window. It also happens when trying to assign a variable/function/method in the triggers window (create a new trigger such as Create Unit with Default Facing, when I click on Unit to assign it in the next window that opens every click is met with a ding). That has persisted through several patches and seems to only be happening on my laptop running Vista. I have not tried to re-install because downloading all the patches will take several days given my rather slow internet. Any thoughts?
Hey Claye,

I actually haven't heard of this happening before. I suppose it could potentially be something in the background, i'll have to look into this more. But for now, can you try closing down your background apps and see if it happens still?
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Turned off everything in my sys tray but the virus scanner, and had no apps open on the task bar but the galaxy editor. No change. I don't know if it is related, but when I am in the New Action window, or click on a value within an action to assign a function to it I get each "bucket" three times. In my New Action Window I have All, then General, then Actor 3 times, then AI 3 times, etc. I am thinking maybe something got loaded more than once which is making the ding? Is SC2 like Wow in that I can copy the game from one computer to another without having to re-install? I can copy it off my Desktop which is not having any of these problems to the laptop if that is the case and see if the ding persists.
If you just copy the game, you'll also need to copy the Registry, otherwise you may have problems there.

What modules do you have open in the Editor?
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Generally just triggers and terrain. Though I just tried with the data module and I get the same ding, same in the text editor. I just tried copying from the desktop and nothing changed. I am going to try re-installing and see what happens.
Hi, I've been working on a map that is a customized version of the melee game, untill very recently i didn't have any problems with publishing.
I can't publish my map because there is "Not enough space remaining on this account"
but currently i am using 0/52.4 MB, and i have 0/10 games published.
so i was wondering if there is a limit to how many times you can publish games within a certain time span or for an account forever?
am i going to beable to publish my game again without buying anything?
How large is the map you're trying to publish?
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only 289 kb.
03/13/2011 9:52 AMPosted by BadMagiX
only 289 kb.

o_O. Have you had any of your maps deleted from the server for any reason?
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