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this link shows my problem
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I am getting SERIOUS freezes/lag problems when using the 'test document' feature in the map editor. On, things are fine, but when I test play a map I'm working on, some of the sound effects freeze and carry on for several seconds, or the game will freeze every couple seconds. This continues for roughly a minute before things become just fine.

Does anyone have a solution as to why this may be?
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it could be that the editor visual settings are to high for your pc, if you play sc2 on lowers than "high" then you could be your editor settings are above your computers abilties ( only thing i can think of anways) sorry if it dosent help
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World of warcraft installed on your pc might lag you alot,it did for me but only during the creation; i never checked the test document

Anyways,anyone know how to link a bank to a bank variable? Im gonna be using like 5 different banks and i dont know how to reference the banks to store or save if im using 5 different ones,i dont think last opened bank works in trigger order
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Try duplicating the diamondback Fire on the move effect,im pretty sure its an effect,then give it to the siege tank and if it has a weapon field modify that to 90mm cannon.

Im sure it's too late,but i hope you read this

Edit: This message was to iamakiller
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I don't plan on going back to WoW.... I might as well get rid of it, that might save me a lot of RAM ^^
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I am going to assume you looked for the "weapon - allowed movement" but did not know where exactly to look, with the utmost respect to you and your attempts to help other in the community, as the aforementioned attribute of weapons directly relates to "the diamondback: fire on the move effect" that you mentioned. The "weapon – allowed movement" is an attribute that determines at what speed weapons can be fired from moving units; it has three settings which are, moving, slowing, or none. Moving, as its name implies, allows units to travel at full speed while firing. Units with this attribute include but are not limited to the baneling and the void ray, and of course the diamondback. Slowing affects more units on a standard non-modified basis, slowing, as its name implies, slows moving units when they fire. Units with this attribute are the banshee, the mutalisk, the carrier, and most other air units. None, again as the name implies, allows no movements when units are firing. This attribute is applied to most ground units. The "weapon – allowed movement" is the name of a field or a list of these three attributes the designers of the game created to save data space and I hope easier access for the end user of the data edit to the function these attributes affect. Depending on how you have your data editor set up you'll find this field in one of three ways; the first and for me the easiest way is the weapon's sub tap to the right of the UI sub tab of every weapon in the weapons' tab of the data editor; the second and third ways are as "weapon – allowed movement" or "allowed movement" if you have the data editor set up in a list display format. I hope that this long-winded explanation is of service to the community.
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For some reason I cannot place the fog effect doodad when running the editor on low graphics. It just places the little fog effects symbol and that doesn't even create the effect in game.

(I'm making the map on a mediocre computer so I can't even try it on high graphics)

Any solutions? Or is this just the way it is?
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Hi Varteras. I am having the same challenges with the last map I am attempting to Publish. I get a whole list of ????.??? names and foreign language names as being not available. How did you fix your error? (I am obviously having the same challenge).
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Hey, I'm very new to map editing. I just finished a map earlier this afternoon. I have tested it successfully multiple times. Now, whenever I try to test or publish the map I get an error that says, "Test document functionality is not available to Starcraft II: Starter Edition users. Upgrade or add game time to unlock this feature."

I think it has something to do that I accidentally tried to sign in with my username/gamertag and not my account name at first, so I think it thinks I'm somebody else. Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks for your help.

Edit: I think I fixed it... I just logged into actual starcraft with my correct account again and I'm not getting error messages anymore. Sorry to bother.
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The terrain editor isn't allowing me to change ground height with the raise or lower tools. I've tried all the settings and such. I can generate uneven terrain, but I can't edit it.
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This problem needs fixing Blizzard, if you actually care about your fans, FIX IT!!!!!
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Ummm... I got a question. how do you increce the number of player slots in a custom game?
(In a map that you are making, not a map that is already posted.)
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Some questions:

One, how do you associate an art effect with an ability?
Two, is it possible to modify a units stats based on the percentage of energy it has left? My plan, if it's possible, is to create a unit that attacks slower and/or for less damage the less energy he has.
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What do the blue and yellow bounds signify?
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What do you mean?
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Hello, I am having troubles uploading my map to test. I already have a demo version out on bnet and have put updates in several times. The main change since last upload was I put in an achievement system that was copy paste from an asset map. I didn't use his mod either. I did use the library at first to fill in gaps but once it was all copied and working in the offline test I deleted the library. I don't know why but when I try to publish it now comes up with an error saying THE FILE COULD NOT BE OPENED (caps for emphasis on error). This is very frustrating because the map is already on bnet and I have no problems playing it in the editor.
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I am trying to make a condition that runs the trigger when a certain player controls no units in a region. How does one do this, I could not find the appropriate condition comparison.
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battlenet disconnet due to flooding?!?!?!?
could that be caused by to much useage on my internet??? (my little bro is playing our xbox online and our internet isn't the best)
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He posted links to it, but I never saw anything(im not reading 18 pages to look) that told you, The best place to learn to use the editor is, Great community Very nice guys
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