Any way to block players?

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Is there any way to block players so you never have to play them again? Like for instance if you run across a D bag who decides he's going to relocate his base and drag the game out as long as possible when you've obviously killed him? I'm tired of these guys and I'm sure most of you would rather be done with them as well so how about a block list?
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Please bump this if you like but have nothing to add.
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I made a thread entitled "How do i not play someone" because i played this guy twice that only did worker rushes, and unfortunatly i lost them both. I don't need that crap and would rather not play people who want to do that stuff, but i also don't want to just surrender and screw up my record. (I do that well enough all by myself) So anyway all i got was advice on how to counter worker rushes, which was ok, but no one ever explained if you can block someone. So the only advice i can give you is to block communication. I'm not sure if that will keep you from playing them though.
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In order to keep the ladder fair you can only block communication. If you could block a player from being placed against you, this could be used to your advantage.

A single game can be lost for many reasons. So blocking a game verses someone you never played before wouldn't make sense.

If you have played someone several times and lost you most likely have to learn additional things about the game to win against them reliably, unless they are cheating.

So while it is annoying, losing against someone that uses an effective but 'cheesy' tactic is ultimately fair.

I believe the end goal of the match making system is to be as fair as possible, while giving us a 50/50 win/loss ratio; The goal of the match making system is not to maximize our win/loss ratio.
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People would just block everyone better than them.

Can the Red Sox decide Not to play the Yankees?

Total unfair to allow blocks
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Well you guys are just reaching. I wouldn't want to block someone who beat me. How am I going to get better? Besides you should only be able to block someone you've beaten. Cheeses are after all a valid win even in a pro match. However when's the last time you saw one pro player making the other chase him around the map for twenty minutes after a clear win?

What's worse is he starts off the game by typing GL HF. I really wish people would just quit that crap. Are they really wishing me luck and do they really want me to have fun? It just makes me want to beat them even more.
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I was pretty sure that if you block communication with another player, you won't be matched against them on the ladder. Sounds like people here don't think that's the case, so I may be wrong.
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Temporary block would be adequate, for like 1 hour. It would effectively deal with jerks, but not throw the ladder off.
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Posts: 1,022 guys realize that you're bronze... if you never want to see these D bags again, just get into silver/gold...
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I get guys who draw out games for an hour in bronze league when they are clearly gold/plat/diamond. Seems they start a new account or change servers and then when you're 40 mins in you realize they are playing games with people....that is NOT how the ladder is meant to work. It's suppose to be people slightly better, similar or slightly worse than you at starcraft that you play.

I think those sort of people should be blocked because they waste a lot of our time.
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Yeah, +1 to be able to block playing with certain players, even for just an hour or two. Had a situation tonight with a guy called 'Life' who would only send his probes to attack his players then quit out.
We kept on getting in games with him, about half a dozen and he did the same thing every time.
Blocking him from chat did nothing.
Sucks, certain people seem to only play to ruin fun for everyone, should be able to avoid them.
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